Pictures and videos of my wife's best friend

I have always thought very highly of my wife's best friend. She's very sweet, intelligent, funny, and very good looking. A couple years ago she started dating a guy that I never really liked. He's tolerable most of the time but has a sleezy quality I could never get past. I'm pretty easy going, so I learned to just deal with it for the friend's sake because she's really into him for some reason. We do a double date every month or so, and I was almost to the point of starting to think he was OK. One day the two women were doing something together and he and I were going to meet up with them afterwards. While we were waiting for them, we started talking about our last double date. He then went on to talk about the mind blowing s** they had afterwards. I was a little uncomfortable because I don't usually talk about that sort of thing, certainly not with him. He said he knew he was going to get lucky that night when he saw what panties she was wearing, and then he proceeded to show me picture on his phone of her wearing them. Then he swiped over to a picture of her not wearing them. I immediately hated him for betraying such a genuinely good person. But I really liked seeing those pictures. I wanted to see more. I told him it was a little shocking, for all the years I've known her, I've never seen her in that way. He said there's plenty more where that came from. He showed me a few more on his phone and said he also had videos of them having s**. While he was looking for those, the women showed up, so it would have to wait.

We were together a few weeks later, and when the women were in the bathroom, I asked if our previous time together had gone as well for him as the time before. His eyes lit up, and he said he has the best video from it. He also remembered then that he was going to show me his other videos. Realizing that it was not the most appropriate time, he said he could email them to me. I didn't want to use my usual email address, as I didn't want this to ever bite me in the ass. So after the women came back, I went to the bathroom and created a dummy email account that I could later deny has anything to do with me. I told it to him the next time we were alone together, and later that night he sent a couple videos of them having s**. I said they were very nice, and he sent me a few more, along with more pictures. I hated him so much for it, and I'm a little disappointed in myself. But this is one of my biggest fantasies come true. Over the next few days I had everything in his collection, which was a lot. He asked if my wife and I do anything like that. We do, but I'm sure as h*** not showing him. Now anytime he has anything new, he sends it to me. He said he gets off knowing something else will see it. I didn't want to know that, but I'm happy to benefit from it. I feel bad because I like her a lot and think he's a total a******, but this is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Nov 11, 2016

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  • I imagine that would be a mixed emotional thing. L****** after her, yet seeing her with someone that doesn't really appreciate her. It has to be hard, yet I bet you have some super hot times watching her videos and looking at her pictures. It has to be confusing to you to j******* to images of her...then later that day see her in person. How do you handle that? It has to be difficult.

  • Wish I had a friend and his wife interested in showing off their private s** lives to me!

  • I do the exact same thing with a 32yo niece of mine. I show her pictures to random guys over Craig's list. I know it is wrong, but OMG it is a rush!!!

  • Wow

  • D***. Your just as pathetic. At least he is keeping it real. Seems your jealous

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