I want to commit homicide

Hey i'm Shiraz and i'm 14, here is my confession: I have had so many bullies in my life like a lot of people have, and of course i hate them to this day and want to kill them, and i don't mean in a "i hate them i wish they were dead" kind of way, like really kill them. Younger i even made plans to kill some of the people, i would walk behind them on an empty dark street and start stabbing them until they stop moving then open they're chest and stomach, pull they're guts out one by one and torture them in any way possible while they are still alive...I may have issues

Jan 1, 2017

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  • I know what you mean Op but the only way to deal with bullies is letting karma get them & as far as dealing with being bullied its our right to defend ourselves by any means necessary ..

  • ^^^^^ that's a stupid comment. You should always report it.

  • Shiraz, why would you allow some bullies to determine the kind of man you will turn out to be? Why would you allow bullies to define your soul as a man by taking something out of it and making you a killer? You already allow them to define you as a victim. You allow them to have power over your emotions and well-being. To kill them isn't an end point for your situation, but an escalation of the heartache and grief that they cause upon you, spread out to family and friends. You can be stronger than them by living well, working toward success, and keeping your soul intact when you leave this earth. Live and let live, man.

  • Stop caring about what a bunch of jerks who hate their own lives think of you. They are not worth the jail time. These will be the same losers you'll see riding bicycles to get a pack of smokes when they are 40. Study, go to college, be rich, drive by them in your dream car and laugh

  • I guess that's just how you feel towards those people. They hurt you & you want to hurt them back but just don't actually hurt those people. Get help if you're actually planning on murdering.

  • Dont life is short anyways give it a chance just be thankful youre not a rock floating through space like the great majority

  • I felt this way too when I was a bullied kid. In my day telling didn't help and it made things worse. Maybe if you can get with your parents who can get with the teachers it will help but don't hold your breath.

  • Yes, you should really consider suicide instead of homicide.

  • I have tried suicide as well so

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