I cheat habitually

My Wife and I have been together since high school. She's perfect. Educated, really funny, cleans, and has the nicest ass on the planet. We get along great and love each other but she has a very low s** drive. I only f*** her like twice a month if that. Shes very traditional to. No Oral, No a***, not even some different positions. There's a chick I work with that has had the hots for me for years. I f*** her almost everyday. She likes to suck d*** and lets me hit from the back. I feel bad, but I'm going to keep cheating on my wife unless I get caught. The S** is worth the risk. Habitual d*** sucking is awesome. Sorry

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  • I agree with one of the other posters; you didn't even give your wife a chance. You could've told her that not getting s** makes you think of cheating and see if it changed things. You just wanted to cheat. A chick wouldn't have the hots for you for any amount of time if you had set her straight to begin with. End it with the s*** and teach your wife how to please you. If it is a turn on then see it as you trying to take advantage of her.

  • How the f*** any partner can f*** the other soo little twice a month and not expect cheating to happen is ridiculous i dont blame u at all man i need it at least once a day at least holy f*** youd need to date three chicks at the same time to get what u need

  • Some women have high s** drives, like some have low s** drives. It's not a female thing, it a human thing

  • I totally understand where u r coming from. Wife and i dont f*** at all, so i gotta get head and p**** from other chicks

  • Although it sucks you cheat on your wife and you should feel really bad about that this post turned me on a little bit so I appreciate you for that

  • You've always wanted to f*** your work colleague and you've used your wife's low s** drive, as justification for cheating! Don't be a scumbag! Too late, you're already one!

    Why didn't you discuss with your wife, how you feel about your sexual needs?
    You didn't give yourself that option, because you wanted the opportunity to cheat! You didn't give your wife a chance either, because she may have made a compromise, as loving individuals/couples should!

    A positive partnership is about; team work, love, consideration, compassion, communication, active listening, empathy and compromise! You seemed to have a great relationship with your wife and you've disrespected her, by f****** another person!

  • I agree; he didn't even give her a chance. He doesn't get to use the excuse I only get it a little when he didn't even tell her that he might be tempted to cheat if she didn't satisfy him more. He should've at least tried.

  • If you have a weak libido dont date and expect to not get cheated on

  • You're a immature child! This is an adult conversation!

  • How about actually taking the time to talk things over with your wife and expressing your sexual wants instead of just saying she only wants s** twice a month. Maybe she thinks he is happy with the amount of s** they have. Maybe she wants s** more often but just doesn't feel comfortable initiating s** . But hey why try to work at your marriage , why take the time to try to communicate with your spouse , its so much easier to just go out and cheat on her.

  • I agree. What's wrong with some people!

  • Read your post over and over. You say she is perfect in every way other than s**. So you are willing to lose all of that to some w**** just because you like getting your d*** sucked. You don't deserve her!

  • I agree

  • You think africa would be soo rampant with aids if it wasnt?

  • What the h*** are you talking about?

  • F*** its a need not a want

  • I've been married for over 25 yrs. and I think your right, but the point is he didn't even tell her that if she didn't give him more s** that he might be tempted to cheat. Even the Bible says married people should have s** every other day and to not cheat each other out of it. If he had tried to let her know how it was causing him to be tempted then at least they could've worked from that point.

  • You want s**, its not a need , you won't die if you don't have it.

  • Trur

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