Married 25 yrs and i want to go

Im a 52 yr old male, 3 children and my wife is 6 yrs older than me
all my children are girls 16,19, 25. My children only speak to me when they want something, my youngest say she hates me
i haven't had s** for 10 years
i want to get out of all of this, or kill myself; i think my wife is happy if i go out to work and bring home the 'bacon' and help around the house
i feel a stranger in my own home, if i were single and in a realtionship like this i would run far, far away

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  • No s** in 10 years? HAH. What an absolute p****. What a cuck! Talk about no b@lls.

  • No s** for ten years wtf is the point of staying especially if your kids are such a******* to you

  • Cry baby central my ass. I took an oath and I trying to uphold that but damn it seems hard. I would consider some good discreet s**. Might not take but I sure would think about it. Any Offers? Hahaha

  • Idiot!

    S** isn't that important, for some individuals! But it's obvious you think,
    a relationship should be, primarily about S**!

  • Bounce dude. 10 years? I'm sorry

  • It's always about s**, with men like you!

  • Hey dumbass its a human need if you have a s***** s** drive that is one hundred percent your fault for not looking after your body and mind

  • Not everyone seems s** as a crucial factor in life. Don't assume everyone is sexual active or/and wants, craves s**. You're a dumbass, for assuming everyone thinks s** is important!

  • When I'm unhappy with my life I don't whine like a b****. I do something to make it better. And fuuuuuuck mannnn you're 52, not 10. Boo fuu-huh-huh-huh-uuuuucking hoo, buttercup.

  • What a straight up tool bag thing to say. This guy isn't some kind of wimp for staying so long. He was probably clinging to what he thought was his duty. This is a trap which only good men can get caught in.

  • I hear you loud and clear. I'm 44, been married 18 years, and haven't been laid by my wife in three years. I haven't had a bj in twelve years. We're more of a financial partnership than a couple who plays. I basically have to stroke one out to p*** daily to keep my sanity. The whole marriage thing can be a major, major trap for most guys.

  • Oh look it's crybaby central in here. Man up, princess.

  • You're the OP who wrote about, "crybaby liberals lol!"

  • What are you twelve?

  • You only mentioned your sexual needs. Is that solely what marriage is meant to be about, for men like you! Here I thought, a relationship between two people, wasn't just about s**, silly me!

    I'm happy I didn't get married and I prefer p**** to d****, so I'm grateful! You dear sir, are a disgrace! Your poor, poor wife!

  • Stfu

  • Right back at you!

  • Marriage is NOT about sexual needs. You are correct about that. It is about love, friendship, and partnership (economically and otherwise).

    That being said, the sexual aspect of it is a reality. Most males have a drive that supersedes that of their female partner, especially when their wives are post-menopause.

  • Not all female's have a low s** drive, just like some men, don't have high s** drives.
    Some individuals prefer to be abstinent for whatever reason, some don't even like s** or have sexual desires/urges.

    Each to their own, everyone is different :)
    But I do understand, what you meant :)

  • You have one child that is a minor and still needs your financial support.
    The other two don't need you financially.

    Do what your heart tells you to, don't stay in a unhappy and unappreciative marriage, for the sake of your children. You have to do, what makes you happy. Remember, you have one child to support financially, the other two will be fine. Your children are young adults now and they'll be leading independent lives of their own, soon enough, if the two older one's, aren't already. What then? You'll be left with a wife you don't want to be with, anymore.

    Seek divorce legal advice and get everything in order, before informing your wife and family. Make sure your finances are in your account, everything is in your name. I suggest sorting out another accommodation and move all your personal belongings there, when no one present in your house to object. Once you've done that, speak to your family individually.

  • I can totally relate to this. Just know you are not alone. One piece of advice: if you don't change something, nothing will change. See where can make change - change you are happy with and can live with - and go for it. It might be as simple as sitting your family down and fully letting them know what's up, and how things must change. You seem strong and dedicated to being a good husband/father. That also means you gotta be good to yourself.

  • Try counseling with your wife. As for your 16 yr old they all go through that stage. Try to save your family before walking away, 25 years is a long time to throw away.

  • Sometimes counselling doesn't solve anything. Ir depends on the individual/s that are receiving it

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