Scout Jamboree

When I was 14 we made plans to attend a scout jamboree! Our scout master became ill the day before so the scout master for the girls agreed to let us go to their camp-out instead. We didn't want to spend time with The girls but it was better than not going at all. We knew everyone in our small town so we went to school with all those girls with us. The first day was fun but at night we were told there was going to be skinny dipping at the grounds pool. The pool would be dark so they told us just to show up nude and don't bring anything that might be forgotten that we would have to answer for. The boys showed up nude but the girls tricked us turning on the pool lights and seeing us totally exposed. The scout master acted upset and made us show ourselves to the girls for showing up without cloths! I died inside as they watched as we fully embarrassed and slowly got hard! They saw us grow from start to finish giggling as they watched! I was so embarrassed having to let them see us transform like that sharing our shame as they watched us grow! Not only did they see us nude but also got to experience us growing hard! The girls got frisky and played with our private parts, teasing us as we had to let them do as they wanted. The scout master told us never to tell what happened or she would tell our parents we were lying about the whole thing and that she caught us spying on the girls in the shower! She let the girls enjoy our nudity for about an hour then sent us to our tents erect and very excited!
The next day she made us hike with the girls to a spring where she again made us take off our clothes and skinny dip as the girls had their suits under their uniform. This time she has us line up and allow the girls to watch as we grew then choose the boy with the biggest wiener! There were 6 nude boys sticking straight up as the girls again had their way with us. They would pull our wieners down to get a better look then let them spring back slapping our stomachs giggling the entire time. They did this for almostv45 minutes saying they were not sure whos was the biggest. We were made to remain nude the whole way back to camp remaining rock hard all the way back. Occasionally a girl would grab a boys hard wiener as he walked behind her pulling him along for a while as we walked the trail. Once at the camp ground she made us play with ourselves until we erupted in front of all the girls one by one. The girls teased us endlessly about getting to watch as we spewed our boy juice. Once done the girls giggled as we shrunk back to normal size pointing and laughing. I will never forget that weekend as long as I live!



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  • These fantasy stories are f***** up.

  • I don't think ANYONE reading this believes it actually happened!

    Go smores!

  • Dreamer

  • I like smores when I go camping.

  • Mmm smores and hot coco

  • Strange fantasy but what ever.

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