What's going on with me?

I don't know what's going on with me. Up until a couple years ago, being with another man never crossed my mind. Pretty much every woman I have ever encountered I have pictured naked and imagined having s** with. Seeing my wife naked makes me lose my mind. I have watched p*** regularly for 20 years, and it was always straightforward male on female. Occasionally you stumble upon s****** or gay p***, but I always disregarded it. I wasn't grossed out by it, just not interested. Then one day I started watching a video, not realizing that the woman had a p****. It didn't make its appearance until about a minute into the video. I kept watching out of curiosity or fascination, but I stopped masturbating. I convinced myself that it was just a fascination, so over time I watched other videos, but it only accounted for a small percentage of the p*** I was watching. I eventually did start jerking off to it, but convinced myself that as long as it's not what I'm watching when I c**, it's not a big deal. Then one day I pushed myself a little too far and came while watching a s****** shove her p**** into a man's a******. I briefly felt a little ashamed, but before long s****** p*** was a regular, but small, part of my p*** rotation. I started to fantasize about being with a s******. I wanted to know what it would be like to be with a person with a p****, but only as long as they otherwise looked female. Finally, I'm at a point where I'm just curious to experience another p****. I've moved on to watching full on gay p***. I want another man to suck my d*** and f*** me in the ass. I want to suck his d*** and f*** him in the ass. Although, the weird thing is, I don't feel attracted to men. I see men walking down the street, but I don't want to see them naked or have s** with them. Not like I still do with women. I don't think of specific men when I m*********, but I still think of women. My wife still turns me on. And still about 90% of the p*** I watch is hetero. Ten years ago I would have laughed if you told me I would ever watch even a minute of gay p***, let alone seriously consider f****** another man. I doubt it's something I'll ever act on, especially since I'm happily married. For now I'm just trying to wrap my head around it.


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  • A lot of guys are bi its not as big of a deal as it used to be

  • People change overtime, sometimes :)
    You may be bi curious. It doesn't matter, don't sweat it.

    Up until 5 years ago, I used to watch strictly hetero open. Now I watch gay/lesbian p***. My favourite is lesbians tribbing.

    I'm not hetero anymore, I'm sexually fluid now.

  • Just go for it, if it feels good then why hold back. Don't resist the pleasure of it. I think that sexual preferences can sometimes alter over the course of time. I've progressed from watching gay p*** and dabbling in getting b******* off guys. Well worth it. The thrill is addictive.

  • No you're not gay, you're over sexed. S** is like a drug and just like drugs you can became addicted to it. Over time you start losing the high because you've seen and done too much that it's no longer exciting. So you start looking for things that rekindle the excitement, just like a drug addict who moves on to a different drug because the old one no longer gets him high. Only way to stop this is just like a drug addict, you have to stop abusing s**. No more p*** and no more masterbating. When you stop abusing s**, you'll find out that you're not gay. You also don't realize how much your missing when you do have s** with your wife. If you stop everything and only have s** with your wife, it gets crazy good again. Kinda like when you were a teenager. Trust me on this, I had the same problem only I wanted other guys to f*** my wife. Thank god my wife didn't f*** anyone else, but she did figure out what was wrong with me and we got it fixed. Her and I have s** once a week and it's awesome. I still get to read websites like this with no pictures, but all others are off limits. Hope this helps, good luck.

  • I went through the same thing. P*** to s****** p***. Then met and had s** with transxuals. At first it was touching and me on top. Then it led to me being topped. I did not like it at first. After the fourth time being topped It started feeling good. Imagine foreplay kissing, nipple, head, and your a*** licked. Then being f***** in the ass by a hot girl with a d***. Not having your d*** touched and getting f***** till you c** without having any control. Basically c****** with your prostate being pounded. I love the thought of sucking c***. Just not stuck to males or masculine features if that makes sense.

  • I was just like u, never thought i would ever like stuff like that. Then i started watching some of those bi-s** p*** videos, and i started to get turned on by seeing the guys with each other. It got me curious. I got to the point where i had a chance on a threesome with a girl and a bi guy. I told them about my curiosity so they gave me the option of doing stuff with the guy, and i ended up enjoying it. I will never give up on getting p**** but now i am not afraid to do stuff with a guy cuz now i know i will enjoy it.

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