Why does it take so llong for this site to display new confession

This happens often. This would be a much better site if we saw the new confessions every morning.

Jan 11, 2017

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  • Does it matter? Nine out of ten times it's some variation on maybe six themes. If you spend as much time here as it sounds like, you know what those are.

    Right now I'm spending a lot of time here because things are going crazy in my life and I let off steam by calling out stupid people in the comments. (You can do that all day if that's your inclination... no shortage of idiots around here!) It's either this or I start doing donuts in my car in crowded areas. So thanks, CP, for helping me to not recreate Charlottesville every other week or so. :)

  • ^THIS^

  • You need to get a life!

  • 3 days ago and still no new posts...

  • Pathetic..............

  • Because as a confession, your post is a loser.

  • They need time to link your confession to a Facebook account, and sell your information to advertisers.

  • Agree!

  • Maybe if your confessions were more interesting they would post them sooner.

  • I agree. It's disheartening. I feel lonely or have a falling out with my wife and pour my heart out here and then nothing for ages.

  • Yeah right. No one here believes that you're married. Drop it dude.

  • Wtf nasty comment

  • Settled down people lol it's just a creepy, but fun website :)

  • You are incorrect. it is life itself

  • If this site is life itself, bring on the meteor!!!

  • Just because you state I'm incorrect, doesn't mean I am.

  • You are correct

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