Have written before with similar topics. I guess I just cannot handle sexuality any longer. I know that God understands, but I am so weak. I can't do much of anything without thinking about or wanting to see nudity of a beautiful female. I cannot even look at this advertisement without going crazy in my mind but there is no one to tell. I don't think young women have any idea what they do to some men & caution against too much communication on the computer what they reveal about themselves, etc. I feel so spiritually connected one day but others struggle terribly thinking about soft p********** or something. Does anyone have suggestions on how I can get past this along with prayer to God? I just don't like myself or secret thoughts & literally feel like I am going crazy at times. Please pray for me even though this is anonymous. Please write suggestions and take care of yourselves-thanks

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  • P***, p***, p***!!!
    Huge c**** sliding into wet p******!!!
    Legs spread wide open and girls screaming, "GIVE IT TO ME!"
    Hot, raw f******, c** spraying on faces and big t***!!!

    Go ahead, have a good w***!

  • We can't overcome evil without filling our minds with good things. Pour out your heart to God in complete honesty, confess your sins and look to Jesus as your only hope. When He fill your heart with His peace hold on to that peace and obey God the best you know how. When tempted, read the Bible or other good literature. Also take the bad thoughts and give them to Jesus. As has been mentioned, temptations are not sin, but neither is it God's will that our mind is obsessed with s**.

  • Ty-but it goes beyond the natural attraction deep in my mind. I'm disappointed at myself looking at women's crotch-stupid I know right through jeans or whatever they are wearing. I guess it's a real good thing I am not gay whatsoever. That would be too distracting if you get my drift-more to see, etc. I am not much of a breast guy but legs and contour of the p**** gets me every time

  • Hmmm. I'm having a hard time to put what I think into words. You simply can not suppress your sexuality. Period. Deny it all you want but something will always hit that switch in us that turn our thoughts to s**. The only way I've seen this instinct destroyed has been in people with brain damage from accidents or other medical reasons.

    You sound like a normal person, but may be too attatched to the idea that total mental control is possible regarding s**. You can try, but its really futile. If you want to feel good and faithful in Gods eyes, its more about your actions than your thoughts. The mind can think of some truly horrendous ideas but its our morality that saves us. Its sad when children are used as child soldiers because they just haven't developed morality yet. Those kids are the ones who can commit the most evil.

    So having a thought about s** while its actually being displayed to you and you respond.... you really can't control that, and shouldn't beat yourself up about it either. Let your actions direct you. Remove the temptation. (Close the browser, or move on to another site, don't complain about the actual p***. You have no control over that.) Then let your mind settle. You can meditate and those thoughts will disperse. But certainly don't blame yourself for those thoughts.

    I've kind of rambled here, but best of luck to you,

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