I feel like I'm going crazy. I love my

I feel like I'm going crazy. I love my husband, but I'm not in love with him. He loves me so much, and is so, so good to me. We are great friends but I feel like I am living with my brother. He doesn't know I feel this way and he is still very attracted to me. I am constantly having to make up excuses to not have s** with him. At the same time I am so attracted to other men. Every time I see an attractive man I wonder what it would be like to touch him, kiss him. I want to smell him and taste him. I could never cheat on my husband. I am so frustrated I feel like I am literally going to explode. I work out like crazy every day to get the physical tension out of my body but I still feel so desperate and depressed. I don't know what to do.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Look...... I was married to a woman I was in love with for 20 years. When I discovered that she was sleeping with another man, I divorced her and it destroyed my life and our teeagers lives. Four years later, she admitted to me that she stopped loving me 7 years before the divorce. Do you see how that works? She was like you.....just doing it and going through the motions but not being happy. She smiled and told me that she loved me but after so long..... after faking it for so long, her feelings turned to resentment and then hate. I mean... it turns out that she was f****** many guys for years!!! My advise to you is what I wish she would have done to mr. Just tell him. Then get counceling. Then... if things do not change, get a divorce but be very nice to him. people do fall out of love and it does not mean that they are bad. But if you start cheating on him... that will make you a bad person because you know how you feel. he is in the dark. Give it a chance, try to fix it bit if you cant, part as friends and do not destroy him and accuse him of being abusive and such. Good luck.

  • If I go a week or so without having s** with my husband, I lose interest in having s** with him. It hurts his feelings when I don't want to have s** with him, so I usually just end up doing it whether I want to or not, and being glad I did in the end. Then the next night, its usually me that wants it.

  • have s** with your eyes folded

  • kudos to the poster above - that's really good advice :)

  • Sleep with your husband. So many people probably wish they had a man like yours. I know it may be hard not being physically attracted but that's because you are too busy looking at the other yard to appreciate your own. Take another look at your husband and maybe you see why you married him to begin with.

  • I feel the same way - I thought something was wrong with me. We're only engaged, but we've been together for going on 4 years now...

  • 2 year or 7 year itch? Some relationships seem old at those two stages it seems. Stick it out and you might fall in love again. But don't expect him to take up ALL the slack.

  • you need to talk to him... telling us is not going to do you any good.

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