A crazy time

To whomever may read this.

My past mistakes have caught up with me as lately I cannot stop thinking about them. In 2007 I had just turned 18 and I did something crazy and to this day I do not know why I did it.

I went out on a date with a friend of my brothers, who I wasn't very interested in but I thought it could be fun. We had a few drinks and it was a decent evening. I was walking back to my dorm quite drunk and I decided to put tiny cuts all over my body, enough to draw blood. I then called through the security phone and said I needed help. An ambulance came and so did the police, I was taken to the hospital and they asked me what happened. I didn't say anything except that someone hurt me (I know this is crazy) and the police asked me to show me where it happened. I made up the place and they took me home. The next day I was supposed to go see them, and I came clean and told them I did it to myself.

Now, 5 years later I cannot understand why I did this. I know no one got hurt and I should just forget it an move on. But I feel so much remorse and guilt, wishing I could go back to that time and stop myself from doing something so crazy.

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  • Your biggest problem is you are human and we make mistakes. Don't let worrying about something from years ago interfere with you enjoying your life now. Forgive yourself, live and learn, be happy :)

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