How do you know if you have a real problem with something like sexual attraction vs. obsession? I've written a couple of times but this is where I am at and I confess. I think about women and sexuality like every five seconds. I am a divorced adult male and maybe I am just lonely but it seems so much more than that. If I am alone especially without anything particular to accomplish I just lose it. Commercials on TV, listening to music and even trying to sleep I just can't get the thoughts and fantasies of having a young woman teasing and denying my c*** or just looking at lingerie or p********** when I really don't want to. I turned to religion and spoken openly with a couple friends about this in confession but it just continues to worsen if that makes any sense. If I give in to my temptations I feel guilty, if not the thoughts just keep building to the point of confusion. Can anybody offer advice or at least tell me if they have similar experiences? I don't know if this is just a guy thing or if girls have this as well. Yes, I am the same one who wrote about short shorts, etc. and I just keep getting confused. Sometimes I feel guilty about confessing this as well. It truly feels like a devil has me by the b**** or something-crazy I know but please tell me if you are anybody you know has experienced similar thoughts and how they dealt with them-somebody wrote that I am simply a pervert and that makes me feel even worse. I don't look at all women this way but I wish it would stop. I mean sometimes I cannot even concentrate on simple conversations with people because in the back of my mind I have some crazy fancy going on. Thanks for honest suggestions and replies and I hope writing this isn't too repetitious because I have tried to save this before. I just love women and I guess that's okay not my deepest desires go way beyond what feels normal-thanks again

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  • It sounds like you have OCD, I mean it look it up

  • I find that once you get h**** and stay h**** for a week, it perpetuates it self. You m********* more than usual. You think of s** more than usual. You seek sexual stimulation more than usual. But then one week you get stressed and distracted by something. A funeral or a friend losing a job. Something major. It knocks my mind off track and my interest in s** slows down. I'll m********* still, but much much less. I might not click that link to where I know there is stimulation, just because I -can t be bothered- at the time.

    Its like there is a upswing and downswing of interest in s**.

  • You sound pretty normal. As long as you're not s******* up relationships or out raping women, I wouldn't worry about it.
    Find a f*** buddy and have fun!

  • Thanks

  • sounds like a phase.
    don't stress so much about it.
    obsessiing over the "problem" only makes it worse.
    it also sounds like your bored. try some new hobbies or your fantasies into something productive.

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