Father came down stairs.....

I once meet this girl at a bible study I go to one day she ask me to give her a ride home usually her best friend would take take her I said sure I was surprised really cause normally she was quite and didn't talk to anyone really I figured she was just shy we got in my car drop her off and her father decided he wanted to meet me he invited me into his home the following weekend on Saturday we watch football down in his basement while she was there he went back upstairs to finish some work on his computer while me and her watched a movie called the witch well she cast her spell on me alright after she sat next to me and started holding my hand her skin was soft like temperpedic and she smelled like olay it had been a few months since I got laid because I work to much I got in heat lost control and started kissing her flipped her shirt up and started sucking her c cup breast she then started fondling my erection I keep thinking to myself no this is bad her dad could come down at any moment but my body wouldn't listen to me I went completely Yolo and took all her cloths of and mine layer her down got on top of her short but thick curvy Hispanic body I was so incredibly hard I started fingering her her juices just couldn't stop pouring out I rub it all over my p**** and entered her she bit the he'll outta my shoulder trying not to scream my hips kept moving on there own her tightness was unbelievable as I look down I notice she was bleeding she tells me she's a virgin we were so into it we didn't notice her father coming down the stairs and she let out a scream as she look up and saw him standing there watching as I pulled out of his daughter...

Jan 16, 2017

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  • Sorry. I though the title was a metaphor.

  • Tell us about the beating her dad gave you ? Hispanic fathers are usually over protective how did it end tell me i got to know.

  • She was adopted thank God he was a old guy who luckily let me leave quietly

  • I'm not normally a grammar N***, but it's really hard to read something when you use NO punctuation at all.

  • No kidding! That is apparently the way it's done nowadays. The illiterate children who do it get all lippy and defensive, but they don't realize that when their screeds are read, their "voice" comes across as hysterical and breathless.

    Have you ever heard someone (outside of a cartoon) talk a million miles a second, nearly gasping for air at random moments? That's how these idiots sound, and then they wonder why they aren't taken seriously.

    Between that and their inability to spell even simple words, trying to read their self-important bilge is like conducting interviews at a Special Olympics event.

  • Looked like this whole thing was all one sentence.

  • Lol I agree

  • You be fine

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