Public Masturbation

I'm not an insanley attractive guy but I am attractive enough to get a couple of people both guys a girls staring at me, sometimes even making my gf uncomfortable. We both like having s** in public, we usually park at a dark parking lot or we f*** in the car at times. I have an 'issue' to where I love being watched masturbating by older women. Even if they're old enough to be my grandmother I love them seeing me or watching me. I usually just go to a small grocery shop and park in a spot that lets me see the whole parking lot and wait for a vehicle with an older women parks, and then I proceed to park next to them, roll down my window next to their car, put some p*** on my phone, and start stroking. I usually stroke when they are coming back to their cars with my p*** on loud to get their attention. I make myself c** if i see they're watching or if the sneak looks. I get mostly surprised looks, sometimes they just take a glance, maybe they take multiple glances, or the straight up watch me until I c**. I haven't told my gf about because I don't know how she feels about that, I have an idea that'd sh'd probably think I'm disgusting but that's a kink I have. Does anyone know if women find that hot? Older women? Grandmas?

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  • Oh my cousins are like, she works in a tuck shop now looking for a new toy boy but I can see those kids giving her a hard time over her kids and so will the teachers cuz they are so bad.

  • Some bustard did this to my wife, if I found him I'd kick the w***** to death

  • Id probably open your door and suck you off

  • Maybe you should do this for this small percentage of woman that like it, I somehow strange but even if a lot of girls do not admit they are attracted by sexual situation.

  • W*** in jail and get your a*** f***** daily you stooped b******

  • You need to be in jail

  • I agree with the first post. Most women would find it disgusting and they might call the cops.

  • Sounds like good way to get arrested , may be very small percentage of women who like but most would be scared you're some kind of sick pervert

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