Indecent proposal

My best friends husband had his 40th birthday a month ago, We have been friends since grade school and I have known her husband for the entire 20 years they have been together, I was there the night they met.
She came to me two months ago and said she wanted to do something special for his birthday being their anniversary and his birthday are two weeks apart she wanted to do one "Gift" to him, She proposed a three way to me, I almost had a heart attack when she finally blurted it out, I never would have expected that and especially not from her, She has always been the one that I would say was least likely to ever, ever do that.
She told me that the same as every other man that is his one big fantasy, I know he had pushed for it a bit before they got married, I was not an option at the time because me and my ex husband were together at the time but have been divorced for over 4 years and she explained that I am the only person she would ever consider it with.
I was a bit flustered and taken aback but she told me to take some time and think it over, which I did we talk almost every day if not see each other and she didn't bring it up for a week but then asked me again if I had thought about it, I didn't tell her but I hadn't thought about anything else knowing she would be bringing it up as his birthday was getting closer, I looked at her and asked if she was actually serious and she went through her train of thought on the whole thing which I am not going to get into but it actually made sense.
After much debate about why she chose me which was obvious given our relationship I AGREED, Oh my god I said yes, My heart was racing and I looked at her, I was breathing heavy and my heart was about to explode it was beating so fast and I said "Ok, Lets do it...No pun intended", At that moment I think she panicked a bit, She looked at me and said "For real?", I nodded my head and said "Yeah, For real".
We talked for a long time that night, Like 4 hours probably and she told me she wanted it to be a surprise and went over some of the ideas she had, She was absolutely blowing my mind, I couldn't believe she had already put so much thought into the whole thing but she had every detail planned out, She told me everything as she had it figured out in her head and I had to vito a couple things but over all I was actually pretty comfortable with most of it.
As the date got closer I started to get more nervous and would lay awake at night thinking about it, I would get sweaty and couldn't concentrate, I actually lost 4 pounds the week before and every time she came over we would try to talk about something else but it always came back to that, the day of the birthday party she had planned I showered and meticulously shaved then we both went and got manicures, pedicures, got our hair done and went back to her place to finish the final set up.
The party was perfect, He didn't suspect a thing, His friends were there, Her friends were there, her mom was there and as the party started to wind down around 10;00 pm her mom took the kids home to her place as she had told her she wanted to take him skiing with no kids which they haven't done in years, As the last guests left I made my "departure" and went to the garage, She told him to go shower and when she came to get me I was so nervous, I was visibly shaking when she took my hands and looked me in the eyes, She asked if I was ok and I laughed telling her I was just nervous being I hadn't been with anyone in over a year and a half, She gave me an out and I didn't take it, she told me if I didn't want to I didn't have to but I told her I did.
We snuck into the bedroom and put her plan into action, The bathroom is separated from the bedroom by a pocket door which was closed so we stripped down to our lingerie which we both had on under our clothes (Let me tell you, that stuff is not meant to be worn for four hours unless you enjoy being uncomfortable and pulling at your clothes), We hopped up on the bed, I am not shy about my body but I was at that point, I am considerably more top heavy than she is and am quite proud of my chest but it was the first time he would ever see me naked and it was the first time I have shaved completely in years but had been keeping it that way all month.
When the bathroom door opened he was standing there in just a towel and before looking up said "we are out" then looked up and stopped dead in his tracks, He had a bottle of conditioner in his hands and dropped it, He stared at us, swallowed hard and kicked it to the side, His wife smiled and said "Happy birthday baby".
This was the first time me or him had ever seen each other naked but obviously she had told me about his "Package", He is over 6 feet tall, nicely built, not too muscular but not skinny, just nice but when she took his hand and pulled him onto the bed his towel fell off, She rolled him onto his back and honestly I froze, He is way bigger than I expected, She actually had to say "Pssst' to break my trance.
I'm not going to go into details but a lot of firsts happened that night, first time any of us had been in a three way, First time I was with him, First time I ever had a girl go down on me, First time I ever went down on a girl, It had to have been 3-4 in the morning by the time we all passed out together and in the morning I woke up to him spooning me and groping me, He was hard and trying to put it in me from behind, I didn't want to do anything without her permission so I rolled over to tell him that and she was right there, she kissed me and we spent about an hour rolling around again in the morning.
After we got up and had coffee I left and went home, Both of them act like nothing happened which is totally f****** with me, Did they enjoy it, Did they not, Are we going to talk about it, Are we not, Me and her hang out all the time still but I haven't brought it up and neither has she, He treats me the same as he always has and when we are alone never says or does anything out of the ordinary WTF is going on.


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  • It's abundantly clear that plenty of suckers eat these bogus tales up on here when the right fantasy appears for them. It's all too humorous for me when I see how literally virtual the web or internet is. The respondents just feed into the posters fantasy, trusting every word especially when the poster is a good third person author posing as a female. FUNNY SUCKERS!!

  • IT HAPPENED AGAIN, Last night, She invited me over for drinks and by an hour in me and her were rolling around as he watched, He joined us and she finished early then just watched for at least half an hour as me and him did it missionary.
    I feel like my life is full when I am with them, She is so beautiful and he is so masculine, She is totally supportive of me and him doing stuff while she watches, She has always said she gets off too easy the first time but she has been got back into it last night and had round two with me and him.
    I am sooooo happy right now, I laid in bed with them until an hour ago which is when he had to leave to pick up the kids from her parents house.
    I couldn't be happier.

  • Again, this is simply beautiful!

    Once is simply an event. Twice is the beginning of a pattern. If more people valued trust, friendship and selfless sharing, this world would be a better place. There is so much that so many could learn from your experience.

    Thank-you for sharing your story! This is inspiring!

  • I think that this gift was a beautiful thing to both you and her husband. Your friend displayed great courage by inviting you to share with them. I think you should feel honored by her friendship and her trust. Tell her that to you, this was a wonderful expression of that friendship. Explain that the 'firsts' [including with her] were so meaningful to you as you never expected to explore your human sexuality in that way. Explain how much this meant to you after your going so long without it. Say that her careful preparation for this, and the permission she gave you gave the whole thing a sense of rightness.

    Consider addressing this when BOTH are present, and leaving the ball in their court.

  • I spoke to my friend about what happened and she apologized realizing that I may or may not have thought it was something that might happen again, She asked if I was hoping it would and I told her it wasn't that I wanted to become a regular part of their s** life but I was open to doing it again, she told me she had planned on it just being a one time thing but that maybe we could.

  • Would you consider telling her something along the line of -- while you were not thinking of this being repeated, the experience has made you realize how much you have been missing ... and see if she takes this anywhere?

  • You guys are matured enough to handle properly...

  • I get that you might be having some odd feelings, but remember for them it was simply just s** for the purpose of having s**. I kinda get the sense that maybe it meant more than that to you. That is understandable, since f****** someone is a pretty emotional experience for most people.

  • Sounds like it went well. Assume that if you went another round in the morning that they liked you. Respect them by not asking about it. Just be thankful that it went well. I once had a threeway with a friend and her husband and it didn't go well at all.

  • I think they just want to now go on as if nothing ever happened so its not awkward between the three of you.

  • It seems like it was just a one off thing. Don't sweat it, I think they've carried out their fantasy and meant to move on. Would you feel better, if they spoke about it to you? If it's on your mind, speak to your friend about it

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