if you're in a position to empower yourselves, never let anyone; degrade, humiliate, embarrass, violate, dehumanise, abuse and suppress you.

I'm aware some people are unable to reinforce their human rights, due to restrictions placed upon them as a result of; individual circumstances, social environments, specific cultures, religions and so forth, but if you have that control over your life, never relinquish your human rights to anyone!

If you're ever in a dangerous situation and overpowered physically, never relinquish; your heart, mind, strength of character, will power and soul. No one can take these attributes away from you, unless you willingly consent to!

Remember, this world isn't a poisonous place, It's some individuals and collective groups, that are poisonous! They're are the one's who contaminate and infest our world!

Peace my brothers and sisters :)

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  • And be sure to carry a gun

  • It's illegal to unfortunately, in the state I reside

  • Just what I needed to read. Thank you.

  • My pleasure :-)

  • You boring w*****, f*** off

  • Thank you.

    I surmise, "the boring one's are the one's, who have more heart and depth of character, than individuals like yourself, who use crass language to communicate with!"

    God bless you and your inefficiency,
    to articulate your thoughts into words properly, without using crude language.

  • I don't understand

  • If you don't understand this confession,
    be grateful you live a sheltered and safe existence. Because of you didn't - you would understand this confession.

  • Re-read and try to comprehend, the meaning within the words.

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