Never would have guessed

Last summer my wife and I hauled our camper out to her parents farm, We went to attend her moms 50th birthday party After the party we crawled into the camper and she passed out as soon as her head hit the pillow, I laid there for a bit and couldn't sleep so I snuck out for a smoke, I was sitting on the back bumper of the camper when I noticed the light come on in her parents bedroom which I didn't think anything of but after a few minutes I started to wonder.
My wifes mom is 50, Her dad 55 and a good looking couple, Her mom is just a little bit chubby, Not bad at all and honestly is totally doable, her dad is your typical farmer, gruff and a bit of a hard man but totally loving to his wife and kids, My wifes mom is actually part of the reason I married her, I met her mom and that sealed the deal, she is a good looking woman and if my wife looks that good at that age I will be totally impressed.
I walked over and stood by the shrubs outside their window, Her mom and dad were standing in the bedroom at the foot of the bed and her dad was just in his underwear and her mom in just her panties, Her mom had her back to me but for a woman of her age she actually has a decent bum, A little bit big but nice shape to it, When she turned around though is when I really got a surprise, I knew she had pretty big b**** but had never really thought about what a 50 year old woman looked like naked, Her t*** are great, Way bigger than I expected and way nicer, I ducked down a bit as she walked to her side of the bed but could still see her, Her big b**** hung down as she bent over and took off her panties then crawled into bed.
Her dad was actually a bit of a surprise too, He whipped off his underwear and not being a very big man I didn't think he would have a big c*** but I was surprised, He is actually almost as big as I am and I am a foot taller than him, They crawled under the covers and I was going to leave but she crawled on top of him and I could see her b**** again so is stayed, She shuffled her way down and the blankets went with her as she started giving him head.
Like I said he is not small by any means but she didn't have any trouble, My mother in law, My wifes mom, My kids grandmother deep throats, She went down on that thing like it was nothing and stayed there sucking it, I was shocked and impressed at the same time, She would come up to the tip and then shove her head right back to the base and hold there, I could see her stomach tensing up as she sucked then she would come back up and right back down.
After a couple minutes he rolled her onto her back and kicked the covers off, Her feet were facing the window and he spread her legs giving me a full view, Surprisingly nice p****, it looks really good to be honest and as expected my mother in law doesn't shave but isn't super bushy either, He rubbed her a bit then spread her lips, leaned in and licked her a couple times and shoved his c*** in her, I got to watch her big b**** jiggle while she got her birthday f*** then after a couple minutes she pushed him back and this is where my mind got blown, She rolled onto her stomach and lifted her hips sticking out her bum, I cant say for sure because of the angle I was at but he was being quite careful and slow for someone who was already banging her, he took his time and even with the window closed I could hear her moaning a bit, After a few short strokes he slid all the way into her and she moaned pretty loud.
I am almost positive 99.9993% that my mother in law takes it in the ass, He went slow but deep, Every time he would shove it in her b**** deep she would moan, She was reaching back between her legs and I watched as her bum jiggled while he picked up the pace and finally she let loose moaning and shaking, she got up on her hands and knees and her b**** and ass jiggled as she shook and moaned, She flopped down on her stomach and a couple more strokes he shoved deep in her again and tensed up groaning, He stroked her deep a couple more times tensing up each time then very carefully pulled out leaving her face down.
As he crawled off her he smacked her ass making it jiggle and she rolled over, She laid there for about 2-3 minutes just catching her breath with her humongous b**** out and her legs crossed, Then she got up and went to the bathroom, I stood there a bit longer and she returned, put her panties back on and crawled into bed with just them on, They kissed and turned out the light and I snuck away.
Who would have guessed my wifes mom does stuff my wife would never do, She cant deep throat my thumb without gagging and her ass is definitely off limits, Not even an option, No licking, no rubbing, no touching and if she even catches me looking at it she rolls over.
Good work mother in law, That's how you do it.

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  • :-)

  • Can anyone post here?

  • Alright alright. Seriously I don't know of another site where it gets as deep as it is in here!! NO entertainment to it either. I'm gone.

  • I heard my in laws having s** while my wife and I were still dating. My mother in law has a dirty mouth when she is getting f*****. Ended with me hearing her say "c** all over my face". Got me so hard that I f***** their daughter and did the same to her

  • I married a very uptight, ultra-right wing, super christian who believed s** was only for making babies. It took me several months to change her mind but she's good, dutiful wife now who knows what I want in bed and is more than willing to do it.

  • I've had to force my wife to learn how to be sexual. I want to do it in her ass I do it. She hates it but submits. It would be better if she liked it but everones different

  • I'm sure if it's true, you don't really care if she enjoys it or not, because you're enjoying yourself and her ass, that's the only thing that matters to sick men like you!

  • Women want to be forcefully taken, what are you talking about. He needs to grab his wife and f*** the s*** out of her, or else she'll find someone else to do it.

  • You're immature and have lived a sheltered life, if you believe everything you've stated!
    What a narrow minded fool!

  • If your wife doesn't want to, do those sexual acts, that's her preference and prerogative. As long as you respect that. And just because her mother does those things, doesn't mean your wife should do them too. Everyone is different.

    It's wrong to perve on your in-laws, It's invading their personal life! That's perverse man!

  • That's right, it's wrong to perve on the in-laws. He should f*** his mil instead. If his wife won't, then f*** the mom, you know she will.

  • Wow get over yourself!

  • Wow, get over yourself first! Whilst you're at it, shove a c*** in it, that'll shut you up!

  • Really, you jacking my post dude??? They're right, you sound like you're f****** five. Next time you jacking my post at least come back with something good.

  • Lol you're just as bad, with your come backs! You both seem immature!

  • Oow good come back! What are you five?

  • Lol they'd have to be some five year old, in order to string sentences together, like that! Some adults can't even do that lol so yes, that person is cognitively advanced for a five year old :)

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