Oops hehe

This morning my mom came upstairs, She had stayed with us last night just to see the kids, She made coffee and came to our door, She whispered coffee is ready and I said ok, I went to say something else and she was gone.
I sat up and looked over at my husband and he had no covers on and had passed out after s** with no underwear, He full morning wood as he calls it.
I covered him up and went to the kitchen, I apologized and she just laughed and said its ok, Not the first one I have seen but her face was beet red.
Haha, I don't think she will be scarred for life or anything just embarrassed.

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  • :-)

  • My mother in law walked in on me one time, We were staying over and my wife had left the bedroom door open after getting out of bed, She walked past then told my wife she should cover me up, Not trying to brag but I have an 8" c*** and my wife said her mom was super embarrassed but she seems to have gotten over it, I'm sure your mom will also.

  • Haha did you tell your husband?

  • Yes, He is not shy at all and is fine with it.

  • Been there, done that. MIL walked into the guest bath while I was standing there naked shaving. She told my wife it was the biggest she'd ever seen and didn't know how my wife handled it. Wifey told her she handles it just fine, once she's all worked up from me eating her. Another surprise, her mom had never received oral.

  • Yeah right, You are so full of s***.

  • It's always "the biggest she ever saw" makes me laugh every time. There are a lot of men out there that are very insecure about their size. You have what you have learn to work with what you got!

  • I'm sure your mother will be fine. You now share a special secret of knowing what your husband's d*** looks like when its hard!

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