I love it.

The embarrassment is my wifes, My wife used to love roller coasters so we went to a theme park and I talked her into going on a roller coaster, She used to have nice b**** but three kids have taken their toll on them, She has 36 C's according to her bras but they are saggy and empty and even her nips are big, dark and wrinkly, No stretch marks just empty.
We got on, did the ride and at the end I got released from my seat, Stood up and turned to help her, She had her eyes closed and looked like she was trying not to puke, I looked down and one of her floppy b**** was hanging completely out, There were about 20 people standing in line and her sister and her sisters husband were standing there waiting for us, I never said a word and you could hear people in the line giggling so I just pretended not to notice her b*** and turned around, It was obvious everyone was looking and her sister was just a couple feet from me, She whispered "help her", I turned back around and she was shaking and fumbling around trying to tuck her b*** back in.
She was super embarrassed but I thought it was funny and later she said "Oh great, (Her sisters husband) is never going to want to get my sister pregnant after seeing my b****".

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  • Sounds like you don't appreciate or respect your wife enough, bud..
    I have already laid the groundwork to take this wonderful woman away from you, and will easily do so. You don't deserve her.

  • I am so so so thankful I never breastfed and so thankful not to have a husband like you.

  • I agree

  • I also like to force my wife to do things. Skimpy clothes. Nude at home.

  • What do you want me to do im game and h****

  • I like to expose my wife. So I like this story. I'll do things like lift her skirt while kissing or take her bikini top off when we are at the beach. She gets embarrassed and teary at times.

  • You are a reaaal d***

  • I second that

  • Still not funny!

  • It's not funny.

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