I lost my temper telling a college to stuff off n die with the $

After I had surgery I just wanted out of the course and I knew they were probably not going to be nice or supportive or give me money back but I tried and left phone calls and emails and they were ignoring literally til I lost my temper. they were always gonna fraud me really and I was working up to unit 6 or 8 but to be honest the college offers no back up help. I just really want to warn people about studying online, its alright with somethings but sometimes having a teacher and fellow classmates and friends helps you feel intergrated and you don't get that online. I am really sick of online colleges that dish out trash. I had rang these guys wanted to drop out after surgery and they didn't want to hear it, they were always saying stuff like decide later or closer to the end of all the courses. 6months of s*** from these guys with no much teacher help and then they got up me for explaining my illness saying I was talking dirty because I had to have surgery in a certain private part but really are they adults or school children running the dump show? anyway, the pain of the struggle of the course is over and i am not signing to anymore like that ever again.

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