I want to be a Girl

Im a 16 year old virgin boy.I always wanted to be a girl there so lucky there beautiful and can m********* and feel like s** not like men.I want to have a gender change surgery and be a beautiful women.But im not gay i want to be a lesbian girl i dont like d****.I act as a girl in kik to get other girls pics.And when im really h**** i get in dogg position and but my toothbrush as far as i can in my ass and i love it i want to be a girl ho has s** with other girls using d***** and strap ons.I really wish i was a girl.

Jan 8, 2014

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  • Typical "confused" little boy who can't think clearly about the realities girls face daily. All you trans and crossdresser types want to do is wear dresses and long hair and act like ho's-- you don't have the depth to commit to "becoming" another gender (which you can't properly do anyway, not even after all the drugs and surgeries). Go ahead, lose your $hit and call me transphobic, that's what you mental midgets always do anyway. Once that's out of your system, get help. Lots of it. You're not mentally fit to adult.

  • It doesn't sound like you want to be a girl. Girls usually want respect, you seem to want to be a filthy s***. I think you're just h****, and want p*ssy, even if you have to have a s** change to have it. Not the right reason.

  • You know most girls aren't born beautiful right. They are caked with makeup in the videos you watch. Most of us are overweight, have acne, frizzy hair or have stretch marks. I feel like you want to be something that's never existed. Grass is always greener on the other side. Most of my friends don't look overly gorgeous even in my 20s. We're all just average. So we're not just walking around all beautiful like you think we are.

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