I'm 21 yrs young am gay meaning girl with girl, I dislike the word "Les" it's seems to harsh and filled with hate. Recently I went to get my physical done my physician said something is wrong with my heart I don't fully understand I've worked out all my life, since 14! Ate healthy lifestyle but now i have to be cautious and take tests constant doctor apts. My partner is very supportive of me. We've been together 4years high school sweet heart. I've worked out so long that I get confused a ton for a guy because I don't have a curvy body it's just straight big traps,biceps,vascular, huge Adams Apple, genetically I got my big back and traps;shoulders from my father he's a big guy muscular "Buff" he taught me everything I need to know about the gym. Until this day I work out more precisely daily from cardio workout to lifting to hitting the heavy bags being in boxing 4 years of my life has kept me fit as can be for someone my age. A few months ago I graduated from college with an associate's found a good job great pay and benefits. My partner is a veterenian I'm a chemical OP. That being said I work long hours 12hr 7 days a week varying on product my shift rotates. I climb bend kneel anything that requires me to break a sweat which has caused me to obtain the "Buff" look. Over time I never liked b****** on me not that mime are big their small because I work out they stay small. Initially I've come to realize I done really find use of them I'm not manly personality wise I'm the biggest girl you can meet. And for a fact I know I'm a girl and don't try to act like something I'm not. Because of my job I've bought my first house, Corvette and truck to live a live with my significant other. Everywhere we go we get attention from people saying we are a attractive couple but most can't distinguish me. I've told my partner I want top surgery been looking into it but, not trans so i wouldn't call it ftm top surgery or take it that way. Sometimes I get tired of wearing a sports bra it's hot, causes tightness and when the time of the month comes they are a big pain. My partner supports me 100% , money is no issue. I've never really cared for what people will say since my high school days. Now I'm more determined to get it because I'm wasting fabric to cover them up I can't wear a simple comfortable shirt without having to cover up,my b****** are small but my nipples are always nipping for some odd reason lol! Sometimes I just want to wear any shirt and be free. I don't judge and or critique. Plus I'm 21 and have accomplished something huge I've always admired cars especially Corvette's I purchased my first 2016 vette at 21. I want to be happy life is too short. I shall be free and do what I love regardless of what people say comfortable enough to know who I am,.. Don't ever let anyone hold you back from doing what you love,this being said I'm actually going back to school part time for a degree in engineering. I'm the most fit I've ever been. I have a beautiful gf. Life is too short to not,do what you love what makes you happy, regret is fear, fear is weak and pain. I have not done one thing without regretting that I didn't do it. God bless everyone reading this.


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  • Do you want to remove your small b**** or enhance the size of them?
    No offense, but your confession wasn't conveyed clearly.

  • What...
    F*** it go for it

  • So let me get this straight...
    Your a girl in a gay relationship want too surgery but your b****** are small. So you want no b******?! At 21 you've accomplished huge things I love corvettes as well I say just go for it you have the money the b**** to do it go for it you only live once

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