Off to be circumcised in the morning

45 years on the planet and 12 without s**, you think I'd not miss the problematic bit of gristle, but jeez, it is a downer to face the future without it.

Jan 22, 2017

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  • I love circumcised c***, in England they are not that common. I f*** and sucking a lot of cab drivers as they are predominantly Muslim and circumcised. I would dearly love to meet a white man with a circumcised c***. I'd marry him

  • My wife and I have been practicing having physical stuff with no actual penetration or o*****. I have not had an o***** in over two years. It's insanely hard and sexually frustrating but also rewarding in a kinky way.

  • Youre going to get prostrate cancer man

  • Idiot

  • I'll just say better late than never. I wouldn't care nearly as much to share intimate relations with you if you have a uncircumcised p****. That is the consensus of women. Furthermore, we find circumcised manhood much more visually attractive for obvious reasons.

  • Some people don't give a s***!

  • My Mrs just adores "cut" c*** (as mine is) before me she had never had "cut" and to be honest not much c*** at all so now it's all she will entertain,few times a year she likes to "indulge" her desires of young hung musclemen but only if they are smooth and cut;she never has a shortage of wanna bee partners either so chooses wisely from the many enquiries sent to her mail box;biggest I have witnessed her take and control so far has been 10" and thick as a babies arm;she is searching for the ultimate 12" at this moment in time,found one at a body building show in Derby last May at the after show party but he was in his late 30s and she really wants a young one;she did ooohhhh and aggghhhh over it tho out in the barn when he invited her to go "see" what he had on offer;even both her hands together could not meet around it;she did kiss it for a few photos but could not get her mouth wide enough to engulf it;back at our cottage she admitted being jealous of the girl that eventually went off with him;I'm sure she will get her wish soon tho and I for one cannot wait to witness her straddling it and struggling to take it,as struggle she most def will,-10" made her whimper and shed tears so 12" wow can't wait

  • You sound a great couple, my husband encourages me to play, the biggest iv had is 9in, don't think I could take 12in but it has my c*** juice flowing thinking about it. My hubby won't watch but loves hearing the details when I get back to the hotel, I only do it twice a year when we are on holiday

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