This morning

My parents told me this morning that dumb children are better if they can do well and manage their time well. I grew up being at the top of class until I went to grade seven and I never had the chance to be in the honors line up again and I felt like my life was a mess and still is up to this day. No matter what I do it's just going to be lacking for my parents but I cant live up to the way they want me to. I want to have my own decisions and own ways to rule my life and I dont understand why they keep on making me look like the wrong person here when the truth is I know what I should do and what I should not. They keep dragging me down I dont care if its intentional (to let their f****** insecurities out if they f****** have) or not but it really hurts me and its starting to kinda blur my senses and make me believe that I'm not doing well even if I know that I am doing my best for school and at school and Im trying to establish the best me that I can be. I dont want to hate them but theyre toxic

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  • Your parents are stupid!

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