Best friends girlfriend is dominating me!

My best mate and his girlfriend had a house party, I hooked up with one her mates. We had a bad time though, I couldn't get a hard d*** I was so drunk, at best a little chubby which she still tried to ride until she gave up. I'm a grower not a shower so unless I'm hard, my d*** is far from impressive.

This girl told his girlfriend so she deliberately walked in on me whilet showering and took a pic of my d***. She showed me the pic, my d*** looks f****** tiny! Even smaller than it is due to the angle. Now to stop her showing my best mate and our friends, she gets me to do things. She started with foot massages, or cooking for them. Now she has me licking her sweaty feet after she has been running. I know some like that but it's gross to me. She said she wants me to eat my best mates c** out of her p**** soon or she'll put the pic on facebook/insta/snapchat etc. Wtf should I do???

Jan 23, 2017

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  • So what all has she made you do since?

  • Well I did it, she made me eat her cummy p****, what's worse is I got a huge b**** while doing it, which she noticed. Even worse is she said it wasn't my friend's c**! Such a w****! I'm meeting her tomorrow so f*** knows what she'll have me do!

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