Trick or treat

This past Halloween night my wife Laura went out for drinks with a few of her girlfriend while I was stuck working. She texted me off and on throughout the night, as she often does, until about 1:00 a.m. (November 1st.) when she texted me saying she was home and going to bed. I texted her back and said goodnight. About 10 minutes later she texted me again telling me she couldn't sleep because she was feeling h**** and lonely. I told she would just have to use one of her "toys" until I got home. She responded that's no fun but asked me to send a d*** pic so she could have something to look at while she did. I slipped into the bathroom and snapped a pic for her. She responded with a smiling emoji and something to the effect of, "Send more. I need to see it hard." I took and sent pics of me at various stages of arousal including a couple of me fully erect. She didn't respond to any of them, and I assumed she was busy masturbating, or she had fallen asleep. (She's not much of a drinker.) About 10 minutes later I did get a text from her that said, "Oh yeah, I almost forgot. You know how you're always saying Carrie is a total b****?" I responded with an LOL and asked, "Yeah what did she do now?" A minute later I got the following text: "This is Carrie. I dropped Laura off about 20 minutes ago and she left her phone in the car. Thanks for the d*** pics... P.S. thought you would be way bigger!"

Dec 5

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  • Phone wasn't locked? Dumb.

  • Well. You can use it as proof - pretty sure pretending to be someone else to get s** pics is a crime. But as you are male no one will listen to you. All you can do is kick her in the t***

  • Damn

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