Unique Experience

Was poking around Craigslist one night and ran across a posting, Older Woman Looking For Fun. Same town I live in. A lot of the postings on there are BS and people playing games. She included a picture with her posting and said she was 56 and she sure looked it. I thought, what the heck and responded just to see where it would go. She comes back with the question how old are you and do you have a pic? I thought this is where it ends. Told her I was 20 (the truth) and emailed my pic (a real of me). She comes back with you are cute. Would you like to meet? Now I am thinking this must be some q**** trolling. I emailed back sure, and set a time and place just to see who this person is. I show up at a Starbucks and immediately reocognize her from her pic and she recognizes me. We sit down and make some small talk. She then gets right to the point asking if I'd like to go to her place and f***. For a minute I am speechless thinking to myself WTF? Well I had gone this far and never f***** a woman that old, so I said sure. We get to her place and she says get undressed. In 30 seconds she is totally naked and I am still geting my clothes off. She is about 5'7 and i would guess around 180 - 200bs. Has a huge ass and sagging belly with stretch marks. A big hairy bush and big t*** that were hanging low. I have to admit my d*** did get hard. She told me to lay on the bed face up which I did. She straddles me, grabs my d*** and lowers herself on it and starts riding, telling me don't you dare c** yet. P**** is p**** and it was feeling good in spite of her looks. We did a couple different positions and I was f****** her missionary when she came. She said you can c** now which I did. Said there were clean towels in the bathroom and i could clean up. I am in the bathroom scrubbing the h*** out my d*** hoping like h*** I didn't get some nasty disease. It all happened so fast I never even thought to put a condom on I had several in my pocket. I get dressed and she is still laying on the bed naked. She tells me you can leave now. Felt like I was being kicked out without even a goodbye kiss, though we had plenty of tongue swapping while we were f******. Just as I turn to leave she hands me a slip of paper with her cell phone number. Said if you want to do it again sweetheart, give me a call. As I am driving down the street, I am thinking WTF just happend? Unbelievable. No, never called her. Once was quite enough.

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  • Any woman who would straddle me, grab my d*** and guide it in is my kinda woman. I wouldn't care what she looks like. Bet those big saggy t*** really bounce and swing when is on top riding you.

  • I would go back. I find the thought of being dominated by an older well experienced woman tantalizing. Anytime the uniqueness wears off, you can call an end to it. I would always wear a condom tho. She was apparently quite careless when she didn't have you slip one on before s**. You have no idea who has dirtied that hole before you.

  • Why not? As you said, p**** is p****, and if you enjoyed it as much as she did, you should keep going back. i would...

  • S***, i would have kept going back

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