Religious co workers

Instead of preaching to me why not do your work. I refuse to stop what I'm doing to hear your phony gospel message. Preach to someone at your house, church or anywhere but on the f****** job. In other words preach to someone who gives a s*** about what you have to say.

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  • The next woman at work who wishes me peace and joy and love I think I'm going to grab her up in my arms and say, Baby I love you lets get naked so I can know you thus sayeth the Lord. Oh baby!

  • I baby don't baby think baby so. Baby.

  • Hey bless you all. I don't mind and not offended but there is a time and place for everything under the sun. I think we need a separation of church and everything else. Just saying. Peace and love to you.

  • My father is a pastor and he does give sermons about it's our job given to us by our Lord to spread the good news Jesus is Lord and has come and died for our sins so that we may have eternal life. I'm sorry it offends you. I will also pray for you. The trouble with religion is people not God. I will say this that when someone curses at work it just tares at my heart. But I usually don't say anything. God doesn't need me to defend her.

  • Praise the Lord right on!

  • Oh Jesus Christ the nuts are loose today. Jesus , Joseph, and F****** Mary. Who will help us now?

  • Sir I love you and will pray for you. Be at peace.

  • And I will cast a peace spell for you, then have a beer with my Pastafarian and Buddhist friends. It's all the same thing, just different labels.

  • Now listen to me. It's our job to go into the world and spread the gospel. I'm very sorry we don't mean to offend anyone. I will pray for you. God bless you around this blessed time. Peace, and love

  • Now you listen to me. Go F*** yourself ass hole. Don't need your BS the world as enough of it. Do us a favor go preach that s*** in the middle east so you will get kidnapped, tortured, raped, and finally beheaded. Oh and peace, love and all that crap back at ya.

  • I've had this happen to me. I just wish they would keep their horseshit to themselves. There is no god.

  • There is a God you f***** and I'm going to introduce you to him if it kills us both. OK?

  • Sounds great! You first, since going home to the lord is held in such high esteem in your cult.

  • You need to be prayed for my friend. To learn humility and forgiveness and to stop speaking with crass words.

  • You need to pull your head out of your ass and learn a little about reality

  • I understand your view point. But don't agree with the majority of it.

    The only part I agreed with was - "stop speaking with crass words"

  • Let's see what rimes with crass like ass and ass and ass yes lets get crass you f****** ass. Is that crass enough for you. Have a nice day

  • Religion is a virus some people are just more prone to catching it

  • I use ear plugs at work so I don't catch hearing AIDS. From the ass holes spewing their crap of love and peace. I don't f****** love and I don't have any peace in my heart. F***! F***! F***! YOU! YOU! YOU!

  • I agree - Preaching should be done in church and other places of religious practice's.

    But never in places, besides these.

  • Hey I preach at work so f*** you. Yeah that's right I get on my soap box after a two martini lunch and preach lots of s***. So who are you to tell me not to. Now go F*** your mother.

  • Including the dollar bill !

  • I could not possibly agree with this more. I have people come into my office all the time to spew their religious nonsense. I have no time, and no interest in any of it. If that means I am going to h*ll then so be it. In my case they're people I have to work with, but they're not co-workers so there's little I can do but nod and smile.

  • Tell your manager, they're creating a hostile work environment. If he doesn't take action, file a complaint in writing. Then find an attorney that specializes in employment issues. They can sue your boss for a good $20-30k for allowing a hostile workplace environment to exist and 2/3 of that is yours. Oh, then find a new job.

  • Why do assume the manager is a "he?"

  • I agree - All the Supervisor's, Managers and Executive Managers in my workplace are women and there's only one man lol

  • Wow you men should f*** them once a day every day. Yeah baby!

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