My neighbor

My next door neighbour Angelika has such a great body. I’ve always wanted to bang her but her j*** of a boyfriend always stood in the way. Finally about a month and a half ago, she finally broke up with her bf after she caught him cheating. I sensed my opportunity and knew very well that she’d wanna get under the sheets with any random bloke just to p*** off her ex. So, I started hoping that I’d be the lucky bloke. Finally, a week ago my plan worked and she agreed to go out with me for dinner. We had a great time together and she invited me inside. Once inside, she poured us a couple of glasses of wine and before you know it, we were frenching on the couch. I went on to undress her and then pushed her against a wall. I knelt down on my knees before her and gave her a deep kiss on her belly button. I looked up and saw that she was looking at me and giggling. I licked around her belly button in circles and stopped to give her light kisses. Then, I pulled her belly button from both sides with my thumbs and pushed my nose inside and started to rub it all over, taking deep breaths, exhaling over her belly button. I proceeded to go down and trailed my tongue on her lower belly and then I pulled her panty down and started to eat her out. I f***** her several times that night and it was an experience I would never forget.

Apr 6, 2017

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