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I love to wear women's panties, bras, lingerie etc. I'm a 29 year old male with gf and 2 kids. She's knows about most of it. She don't know I had a ad on craiglist looking to meet men and actually did meet one. Picked out my sexiest panties, corset and heels and had him bend me over and pound me for almost 2 hours straight.

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  • Getting it all dressed up is the best! I love getting pounded rufflebutt panties aside!

  • I like sliding wife's d**** in my rear when I am wearing panties and nightie

  • This is some fake a*** rubbish lol!

    If your a*** was indeed virginal - I doubt you would've enjoyed and endured - a 2 hours pounding session in your back passage!

    The rest if your confession about dressing up in women's underwear and clothes, could be true. I've known men who do. Apart from that, your confession is utter, irrevocable trash!

  • Never once said I was a a*** virgin.

  • Hope you wore a condom.
    Why don't you ask gf to wear a strap on?

  • I want to do this😶

  • Do it then

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