I hate my boyfriends 18 year old daughter

I hate my boyfriends daughter. She's 18 and we aren't allowed to see each other because of her. She throws a fit and he cancels plans with me, she always gets her way. We can see each other during school hours and that's about it. I used to want to meet her and show her that I could be a positive influence in her life and now I want nothing to do with her. I'm to the point where I don't want to meet her or be a part of her life at all. I feel terrible for feeling this way but I just can't help it.

Jan 2, 2017

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  • You sure she isn't f****** daddy?

  • I'm dealing with the same behaviour with this girl. She is also 18 and very manipulating and dad gives in to princess every time. She has threatened him that she will never see him again if I'm Around and I'm not allowed on any holidays if she wants to be with her dad. I tell him this is just bullshit. It wouldnt matter who he is dating she is so insecure and jealous. She thinks that dad will love me more then her and I told my partner is game playing. I stead of her running the show she need to.be included more so.she is reassured that she is just as important. But I'm to the point I want nothing g to do with her. For three years Iv been tolerating her garbage.
    The latest I was supposed to apologize to her and asked her father for what. He said he did not know. But asked if I would take her aside and just make amends. I said f*** no. I never did anything to her. It's all.game playing again. So I said fine. I texted her and I said I hear from your father that you are needing an apology from me. I asked him why and he did not know. So I'm sorry if your feelings have been hurt because I'm dating your father. We have to share him. Well. Princess was p***** off. Haahaa. Gave her father s*** because he did not take her side. When he asked her why don't you tell meveryone why you need an apology. She would.not tell him. I told my partner that's because there is no reason. She is one very mixed up girl.

  • Shes not your baggage thats perfectly normal

  • You need to rethink your relationship with your boyfriend , it may be time to move on. If he lets his daughter run his life there is nothing you are going to do to change that . He will always make excuses for her and defend her actions. Its always going to leave you second to her.

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