So a couple weeks ago my wife and I go to a wedding, She got way to drunk and we went back to the hotel, She was more drunk than I have ever seen her but after stumbling around and finally getting out of her clothes she crawled into bed and crawled on top of me, I was surprised being she almost never puts out when she is drunk but I wasn't about to turn it down.
She ended up on her side with me in her from behind and I decided to try something, I was going slow and spread her cheeks, Pulled out, Rubbed some spit on the k*** and slowly just pressed forward but in the other hole, By this time she was basically just laying there moaning each time I shoved it in her but when I pressed it against her bum hole she tensed up a bit and mumbled "Uh, I don't think so", she has never let me and I didn't think she ever would but I pressed harder and she just took a deep breath and then as she let it out I pushed it in, She is so tight I could only get about half way in, I kept working it and she was just wincing and grunting but finally said "Ok, It hurts, Take it out or finish", I reached around between her legs and started rubbing her and she mumbled between grunts, "Ok, Maybe a bit more", After a minute or two she started breathing heavy and then tensed up and moaned "Ahhh, F*** yes" as she came, I pulled out and came on her bum and then she went to the bathroom and wiped off.
In the late morning I showered and came back to bed, I laid there looking at her sexy naked body and thinking about the night before, She rolled over, looked at me and said "I hate you" and rolled back over then looked over her shoulder and said "Did you shower already?", I said yes, She snuggled up with her back to me, Reached between her legs and grabbed me and we had s** again, We were in the middle of it and I pulled out, She wriggled away and then hopped on top of me and said "Don't f****** even think about trying it", We finished and she showered then we went and met up with some friends.
When we were laying in bed that night I said "So...", She said "Nope, You got it twice already", I said "No, I was just going to say...You got off from that", She said "For your information that's NOT the part that got me off AND its never happening again so don't ask...don't try...don't even think about it, One time drunk thing, NEVER going to happen again".
Sorry for her but now I am going to try every time she is drunk.

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  • I hate women who refuse to give up the ass.

  • Dude, you should have asked her what her fantasy is. Most women won't tell you unless they are majorly drunk and horney. Sounds like your wife was there.

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