My "Girl" friend

I have a friend who is the ex of an old friend of mine, Due to unforeseen circumstances me and him are not friends anymore but after they broke up she called me up and we started to hang out a bit, Three years in we hang out all the time, She is 21 and I am 22 but I am and always have been friend zoned, Totally, Never going to have a chance of anything more than friends.
We hang out all the time and I have seen her in her underwear hundreds of times, Literally, I have seen her topless quite a few times but never naked, She is very attractive but I honestly know there will never be anything there, She has set me up with girls and I have dated her friends before which is a line she doesn't cross.
We have shared a bed many times, Always with clothes on but last night was different, We came home from the bar and she said "Why don't you just stay here", Which was not abnormal, I stay over often and even her room mates don't think anything of me coming out of her room in the morning, We crawled into bed and faced away from each other, I woke up around an hour later and she was laying behind me with her hand in my underwear, I didn't say a word but when I rolled over to face her she faced the other way and pulled her shorts down.
We had s** and I finished inside, She rolled over, Kissed me and said "thanks" then went to sleep, In the morning she made sure to tell me it was a mistake and she was sorry for putting unnecessary strain on our friendship, She said she was just drunk and h**** and made a mistake, She says she doesn't want us to ruin our friendship by having "Those feelings", I told her I was fine and not to worry about it but I have been thinking about her all day.


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  • You need to ask her straight up. "What the f*** was last night all about?" Then ask her if she wants a love relationship or not. If she says no, then tell her "ok fine, but don't ever pull that Bullshit again or I'm out of here."

  • Be honest with her and tell her how you feel. It's unfair to you, if you don't.

    Good luck and I hope you make the right decision, for yourself.

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