We stayed with my wifes older sister (31) last night, This morning she was walking around the house in just a t-shirt with no bra which is normal for her and she has not big but good sized b****, I didn't even realize but she was standing talking to me and my eyes drifted down, She is a busy body and usually talks non stop as she is moving around doing stuff and doesn't usually stop to look at people when she is talking to them but apparently she did this morning.
She was facing me across the breakfast bar talking to me and suddenly snapped her fingers at me in front of her chest and pointed to her face, I felt my face turn beet red and said "I am so sorry, What?", She just chuckled which made her b**** jiggle again and went about her business cleaning and talking to me.

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  • Whatcha doin' with yourself? Writing out your lame obsession for in-laws? When you hit what you thought was rock bottom, how did it feel to realize that to say that you could only go up from here was just another false hope? No need to answer, no need to apologize either. I can tell how sorry you are from the content of your juvenile material.

  • Wow that is pretty dark and judgemental all because a man writes that he got caught looking at his SIL's braless t***. Newsflash straight men love t***! Get over yourself!

  • Some straight men don't love t*** and actually prefer women's a****.

  • Secretly she liked it as much as you did. lol

  • Probably

  • What's done is done :)

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