Slept with my boyfriend's close friend

I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years, I met his friend a year ago, and he added me on social media, long story short we talked, dirty messages were sent, and eventually he sneaked into my house (I'm 18 lol) and we had s**. To this day he still comes over we just both enjoy the excitement of doing something so wrong and my boyfriend having no clue, especially when all three of us are hanging together.

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  • I can't stand all these people saying it's "sexy" and saying they love her. I'm her age and I can't believe she would do that to her boyfriend. Cruel people these days.

  • You're an evil b**** and I hope you burn in h***.

  • So sexy. Please don't stop!

  • God, you're a beast! I love you!

  • Hes a douche really breaking the code

  • The pastor makes a statement. You must be in a time trap & think you're living in what, maybe the 1960's. You're clueless girl.

  • Im sayin hes a d*** because he is sleepin with his friends girl that is all

  • She also knows that invisible code and didn't care to cross it, either. It should be bro's before hoe's and she is definitely a ho

  • How do you know for sure,
    your boyfriend doesn't know anything about your betrayal? Maybe he does and he's having a right laugh at your expense, with his coconspirator friend

    lol you never know girl. It's a win win situation for all parties, because they share your disgusting clap trap and get it free! You're getting two free c**** as well. But a female's clap trap especially when passing it around freely, will become like the size of a "bucket" men's c**** will remain the same size lol

    There's no escaping the side effects,
    of what whoring around so much - will do to your hole! Be warned! The elasticity only stays so long

  • Nah he doesn't know trust me, if he were to find out he would break up with me instantly. He's a good guy and doesn't find enjoyment in exploiting women.

  • Well that statement makes you an even bigger piece of human garbage. You say your boyfriend is a good guy than f*** around on him with his friend. You are a w**** getting used like a w**** and when his friend gets tired of you he will toss you away like the filth you are and you will deserve nothing better.

  • Lol maybe you shouldn't underestimate him. You're possibly not that important to him, not as much as you think :-)
    Bless his heart. One day, he'll find a good woman.

    I like commenting on fictitious garbage.

  • What you are doing is soooooooooo sexy. I love it.

  • What you are doing is awful. Stop it.

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