Wife admits it

So my wife and I have been married for 10 years. We have had many ups and downs. About 3 years ago we had a huge fight. Big enough that I had to move out for about 6 months. We went to counselling and made up. Here is where it gets interesting.

While we were apart, I lived with a bisexual friend of mine from work. I had no where else to go as my family lives out of state. Initially, he said his couch was free. I asked if his bed was free. He asked if I was asking what he thought I was asking. I said yes. I had fooled around with other men off and on my whole life. Now I had the opportunity to do so anytime I wanted. My wife knew I was staying at a friend from work's house. She didn't know that mark and I were having s** probably 4-5 nights a week the entire time she and I were apart.

She had spoken of a friend that she's had since childhood. He hadn't been in town long when we separated. He needed a place to stay until his employer reimbursed him for moving and he could get money together to furnish a place. I had met Steve a couple times and he seemed cool enough.

About 9 months after we had gotten back together I finally asked her. I had been curious but too chicken to ask. We were in bed and I asked her, "While we were apart did you ever have s** with anyone else?" She said, "Did you? Maybe one of those girls from work?" I said, "Honest to god didn't even look at another woman." She said, "So what did you do?" I said, "Masturbated a lot." In reality, I wasn't willing to tell her that I had s** with my friend basically the whole time we were apart because that would open a line of questions I didn't want to have to answer.

So I said, "So. Did you?" She said, "You really wanna know?" I said, "Yeah. I do." She said, "Yes I did." I said, "Oh really?" She said, "You mad? You said you wanted to know." I said, "More than once?" She said, "Yeah." I said, "Who with?" She said, "Who do you think?" I said, "I have no idea." It didn't even dawn on me. She said, "I slept with steve." I said, "Oh wow. Never would have thought." She said, "He was here 4 months. We only have one bed in the house." I said, "I figured he took the couch." She said, "He suggested the couch. I suggested the bed." I said, "You guys had s** a lot?" She said, "A fair bit, yeah." I said, "Oh wow." She said, "You asked! He was h****. I was h****. You and I were fighting. It happened."

Feb 8, 2017

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  • My husband took a job in another state. I was supposed to pack the house up and catch up with him. It isn't easy being a petite woman and moving everything by myself. While I was packing an ex boyfriend showed up. My mother hates my husband and told him we were separated. He helped me pack for a and hour and flirted the while time. After he left I called my husband and told him everything. My husband talked me into playing along. I wasn't surprised at all and figured he would. He was right. If I wanted to mess around without it looking too bad now was the best time. I could blame it on my mother. With my Ex helping me pack, moving took a LOT longer than if I had done it all by myself. While s** for the next few weeks was better than my honeymoon, by the time it was time to leave I was ready go. By now the newness had worn off and I had fully remembered why I loved my husband most and that my Ex was an X for a reason. Like you, my husband asked, so I told him the truth. He asked!

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