I want to repeatedly stomp on my boss's head

Another "boss hate" confession
I f****** hate my boss, she sends me s***** replies to emails, the little b**** undermines me constantly, she lies, flip flops on rules made by her, talks to me like a piece of s***, I often day dream about having a meeting with her and just bashing her across the face with a telephone or a keyboard just to see the look on her face, she brings out my anxiety and stress, I know I'd never hurt her but it's always there, lingering at the back of my mind ,
confession over ,
mind clear

Feb 13, 2017

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  • Sounds like she hates herself

  • Record her with your phone and report it to higher ups. Harassment is illegal and sueable in the workplace. Don't just take it.

  • I feel like it sometimes , I have saved all the emails for future reference when the time comes

  • So change jobs.

  • One of my managers was the same way. Why people like this are made bosses is beyond me.

  • She's been with the company 25 years, I just can't understand why since she's such a b****

  • Because she hates herself deep down

  • Why dip s*** bitchy emploees stay in shuch upsetting circumstances is beyond me.

  • To make ends meet

  • Go work at Arby's

  • Go f*** yourself good chance i make more than you !!!!

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