Advice Needed - Boyfriend Wanting To Come In The Back Door

Hi, I'm looking for advice on how to handle my boyfriend's desires and requests to "come in the back door" if you know what I mean. I am 24 and we have been dating for 6 months. I've been with just a few other men - just "regular s**" and a little bit of oral. When I am "with" my current boyfriend sometimes he likes to touch me "there" and he's mentioned that he'd like to try doing it there. I need some advice. What's the best way for me to lay if I decide to let him try it there - on my tummy, on my back like with regular s**, doggie style, or what? Also, should I ask him to use a condom or is it OK to do it without? We don't use a condom for regular s** because I am on the pill. If he doesn't use a condom, is it OK to let him "finish" in there, if you know what I mean. Thanx, Abbey.

Feb 15, 2017

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  • It's easier with a smaller guy, use lube and take it slow.

  • Absolutely. I could show you...

  • I vomited!!!!!!

  • What are you like 12? You are afraid if he c*** in your ass you might get pregnant? Then just swallow

  • Abbey - I would recommend lying on your back, knees pulled up, and doing it missionary style. I find that the most comfortable. It's OK for him to c** in your bum if you want him to. Relax and have fun. Julie.

  • Thanks Julie, I took your advice and we tried it. It was a little uncomfortable but I liked it. So did he! He came pretty quickly - in my bum - which was OK. Abbey.

  • Lay on your back my gf don't like it at all but laying on her back felt the best I no bc I finally got it and did c** inside only downfall is you feel like you have to s*** afterwards

  • I was shy about it at first but the biggest thing to remember is to relax- remember when you lost your virginity it feels like that but after he enters get him to just ease and not push all the way in; after one or two gentle thrusts it's fine just relax.

    As far as letting him cu_m inside you that is a personal preference. I have let my boyfriend of 10 years cu_m in me lots. I giggle because when you have cu_m there you get Cu_m Farts hahaha they are wet and really loud; sounds silly but it's funny.

    Just make sure you are in a 100% committed relationship and he isn't sleeping with others or has STIs unprotected s** should be seen as a treasured gift in a day and age where there are so many diseases and cheaters: remember it is your life you are risking if you are not sure of who is inside of you.

  • ^this^ is both beautiful and brilliant. follow its advice.

  • Lie on your front, this relaxes the muscles and helps it in. You need a lubricant of some sort, vaseline is good. Get him to go easy at first and instead of inserting it all the way, work it in a little at a time. If you dont use condoms normally you dont need to for a***

  • I have a*** regularly, I find laying on my side hubby behind me, he oils my a*** and fingers it the lifts my leg and slides his c*** in and gives me a good f******. It's painful at 1st so go slowly. My hubby has to lick my c*** after

  • Thanks for the advice. We tried it lying on my side last night and it was "different." I still liked it though and so did he. It was slower which I preferred and he reached around and touched me between my legs while we did it. I actually came which was a real surprise to me! Abbey.

  • Hi Abbey, glad my advise worked for you. I play with my c*** when hubby f**** my bump and he pulls my fat nipples. Some times he sticks a d**** in my c*** and at the same time which is adorable

  • Hi Abbey I'm Jane the above poster, I'm also bi, so if you ever want to funky my a*** and c*** with a strap on, I'm available. Just let me know. Girl on girl a*** is a very special experience x Jane

  • Really? I make my hubby lick before; it gives him something to work hard for. As for the a***, if he takes his time and you both wait until it is eased in good then it isn't that bad; takes getting use to. I use to hate it and now I kind of like it.

  • Put ut legs on his shoulders and let him raise ur legs as much as possible.. thats the best easiest way

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