Like Banging and Getting Random Girls Pregnant

I am 23 and live in a big city and have a live in girlfriend and have happy s** life with her. But about once a week for about past eight months I just been meeting and banging random girls raw and bust in them and hoping to get them pregnant. It just makes me hot that I might be making random girls pregnant. I like girls 18 to about 25. I have been meeting girls on dating sites or at a club and have a one nighter. In the talk I give them a fake name and number so they think they know me and I say all the right things of how they are so beautiful and nice and glad I met them and that I am hoping for long term dating. I am good looking and have worked body so that helps me to get the girls to take me to their home or me to go over their place and get to the s**. I bang them raw and bust in them and sometimes a second time before I leave. I don't ask before banging them if ok for me to go bare and then c** in them- I just do it like it is normal thing and most girls never say anything after I finish deep in them. I even had a couple virgins that did not say anything. If they do say something and want me to wear a condom I put one on that I clipped at tip so when I put it on I can pull it real hard and the tip breaks allowing the head of my d*** to be exposed and let me fully bust in them. Then I can say if they question or find out that the condom must have broke. I guess most girls might be on birth control but I don't ask and just enjoy f****** and filling them or secretly filling them up and they think I might be their new boyfriend. After I tell them that I am so glad I found a girl like them and cant wait to get to know them more knowing they can never contact me again. I guess I have a high s** drive and perverted.

Nov 1, 2016

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  • It's so sad that in this modern time we live in that there's still someone who has to get a cheap thrill at so many others expense. Your relationship must be terrible, let your poor gf go, I'm sure she doesn't deserve to be cheated on every f****** week. Be a man. What are you afraid to be alone so bad? You're pathetic, anyone can lie. Disgusting freak.

  • Ever f*** a married woman with husbands permissin to knock up his wife?

  • Some girls love to be knocked up,especially white ones

  • Some girls love to be knocked up,
    especially black ones

  • Ret@rds. It's ret@rds that love to be knocked up.

    Now both you racist fucknuggets go sit in separate corners until I tell you to come out!

  • My hero!!!

  • You're a f*** up. Think of the lives you're about to damage in more ways than you know.
    You're well on your way to dieing young as you will get one with a serious STD

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