Cant stand them!

I hate condoms! (im a woman)i have been having s** since i was 15(im 21) and have maybe used one about 5 times.
I know i sound like a w**** but i have never made a guy use a condom,and no i was never on birth control and never got pregnant( im on birth control now)
i just love the way it feels when a mans inside me and i love s**!
Now that im married my husband thinks we need to use one so we can make sure we do not have a baby right now, Come on! im on the pill! I rather not have s** than use a condom!

Aug 10, 2011

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  • Bareback baby!

  • Urgh, I never get to meet women like this, I'd happily pound away without a condom or with everyday fulfilling your desires.

  • :-) I have friends that also hate to use condoms, and they're my female friends. They say it actually feels better. Still I don't really understand why some girls and guys hate to use them. I am the only one in our group that LOVES how condoms feel, and I get real angry if a guy dares to penetrate me without using one. I have dumped two guys because they took out their condoms and penetrated me (without my consent). We had agreed the terms before having s**, and I perceive what they did as a lack of respect, and quite reckless.

  • I am a male and always hated condoms but in this day and age with all the STDs it would be wise to use them

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