Got my future step Mom drunk part 2

Quick update when we got back to our actual house we had a massive party again anyway my dad hid Friend and ange all got really drunk later on when his Friend left my dad was still heavily drunk and ripped ange's clothes she was wearing so she was laying on the floor naked I was so hard at this time all I wanted to do is push him out of the way and f*** her but I didn't anyway when everyone went to bed I just couldn't sleep considering my dad is a heavy sleeper and was drunk I took my chances I snuck in to their room and gently pulled her bottoms off and started fingering her after a little while she was getting moist so I went to get my d*** out and she started waking up I grabbed her and said I want to f*** you she said not here out in the loungeroom so we went out to the loungeroom I told her to get on the floor I started eating out her p**** and told her to put her feet on my shoulders she did I then shoved my c*** in her we f***** hard soon enough I came inside her again F*** it feels so good to be f****** my dads fiancée.


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  • Soooo, you don't use punctuation and there are several stories on here that fit your style of writing. I'll bet a dollar to a dog t*** you're the same author. That means you have f***** at least your future step mother and your sister in law. So that makes you either one H*** of a stud.... orrr a story teller. I'm betting your just a story teller. At least you have a vivid imagination.

  • Do you have any pics to back up your story?

  • I've got pics from a hidden camera in the bathroom and my step sister as well do you want to see?

  • Definitely don't believe you

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