In only 12..

So I'm only 12 and I kinda want to finger myself but I'm to scared, so I rub myself instead and it feels so good.. I feel really ashamed about it, I hate it, but I can't stop.
Advice to stop Please!?

Feb 18, 2017

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  • This is something you should discuss with a guidance counselor or a GP someone you can speak to in confidence and in person. You're being incredibly irresponsible and dangerous choosing to discuss this on the internet and if I was your mother and found out you were posting this kind of sh-it on the internet you wouldn't have fingers to rub anything. Go play fu-cling barbies idiot child.

  • Why mention the girls mother? You don't know her personal circumstances, so you shouldn't make assumptions!
    What if her mother is dead.

    And how do you know, even if her parents are good one's and in her life, that her father wouldn't be disappointed either?

    You seem very presumptuous about a lot of things, not good really!

  • Bit-ch please! I said IF I WAS HER MOTHER. I did not say anything about who or what or how her mother is or how she raises her. You need to learn how to read .

  • I stand corrected :)

    When I'm wrong I admit it. It's a shame when some people are wrong and they don't admit it, because they want to save face.

    I've noticed some people on this website become defensive by being abusive, if some people don't agree with their opinions and perspectives. H***, some people just like to be that way in general, for the sake of it.

    But anyways, good day to.

  • I believe it's inappropriate for a child to discuss such matters, on websites like these. However, is your concern the age of the OP or both the age and what the OP confessed about e.g fingering/masturbation?

    To be honest, anyone including yourself and I, are just as bad. We visit this website, read confessions and post our own. So we shouldn't be quick to judge and be hypocrites now, should we? But I do believe, there should be an age restriction. No minors under 18 should permitted on this website. I can image it would be difficult to monitor that, when you can confess anonymously without setting up an confession account and even if you do, anyone can lie about their age.

  • You'll grow hair on your palms!

  • Lol

  • It is normal. Your too young for a partner but female masturbation is a good release. DO it alone because this is your time.

  • I agree.

  • States a pedo who wishes they were a little girl or boy! It's too late old man, there's only one place that awaits you!

  • Did all of your mothers children live? You must be a holy roller. If a girl masturbates in private all alone how could that relate to pedophilia? Since the young lady is pleasuring herself in private theres no harm in it at all.

  • You've misconstrued my comment and twisted my words. I didn't suggest nor imply, if a girl masturbates in private she's a pedo.

    I implied the OP wasn't a girl, but an old man using the guise of a girl, to seek attention.

    As for masturbation, I see nothing wrong and inappropriate with it. It's healthy, in my opinion.

  • Just so it it's completely normal and very hot!

  • She's 12 man! Stop being creepy

  • Why you want to? There is nothing wrong with it.
    Stick to rubbing for sometime.

  • True

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