Let me go

Please let me go. I know you don't want me, so please let me go so I can heal. Please don't try to stay friends after you broke my heart. I can't be friends with someone who rips my heart out every time I see them or their name comes up on my phone.

Please. If you care about me at all. Let me go.

Feb 20, 2017

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  • Go then.

  • Just stop let others read your silence in their own way you do whatever you feel it's right only for you...
    Sometimes ppl just take things for granted and there must come a time when you just need to b strong and say enuf is enuf...
    Compose yourself

  • Silence is not an answer! Try to talk this out. Be respectful to the other person, he/she deserves that much. And if at all, try to see the situation from the other's perspective. Wish you best of luck, however your situation works out.

  • Confront this person and end it amicably/respectfully, if you can - obviously, it's easier said than done sometimes.

    Possibly change your number, whatever makes you feel better and helps you heal.

  • I think a conversation is the only way. It won't be easy but it's the right thing to do.

  • I agree. Good luck and I hope the conversations, transpires how you expect it to :)

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