I think the female race are more appealing and intriguing, compared to the male race.

Respect and love to the honourable women out there :-)

Next Confession

** my stepmom

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  • Women are neither a different race nor species from men. Proven fact, look it up. No, the gas station men's room doesn't count.

    If you professional victims want to ever be taken seriously, choose better words. You might even be perceived as intelligent once in a while.

  • Women are bat ** crazy. Get off this site and get an education.

  • Yeah, follow ^this^ kn0b's fine example... smh

  • Funny how women talk ** about men sitting behind a keyboard or on ladies night out. But you all drop a tongue when a hot guy walks buy.
    I'm single not because I can't find a woman, I'm single because I'm the epitome of a bad boy. I ride a Harley, have tats, and play in a band. I ** a different woman every night, and sometimes more than one woman. I don't even have to try, woman come on to me all the time and they want **. I'm single because I can't keep a girlfriend to save my life. So when you say men are dogs and I'm a dog, just remember that the next time some hot bad boy walks by and makes your ** tingle.

  • Sorry to burst your ego, but some women are guy and not attracted to men at all. So your statement doesn't account for those females.

  • You are a complete kiss **

  • I love females in general and respect them. Nothing kiss ** about that! My mother brought me up to respect women and I'm grateful for that, she was an amazing role model. I was fortunate, compared to some.

  • ^**^

  • ^** sucker^

  • Lemme grab dat pusssay!!!

  • If you dare, you'd get a hook kick to the face!

  • Yeah yeah youre real tough

  • Yes I am. I don't deny it :-)
    You're, not youre x

  • Ohh ** there is a long way to go to reach equality.......men and women are both ** to each other just in different ways

  • Human beings in general, can be ** to each other and animals, regardless of gender.

  • ^THIS!^ Black, white, male, female, etc-- we're all HUMAN first. If we focused on that instead of freaking out over gender and skin color all the ** time, maybe we'd actually get somewhere as a species. (IOW, it'll never happen)

  • Women aren't a race. But yes, they do tend to be more visually appealing than men.

  • Women offer more than, visual stimuli. They're emotionally intelligent and psychologically strong. They're just as ruthless as men and more calculating in regards to business adventures. I've only ever worked for strong and independent women, never men. I've had work colleagues as men.

  • Lol they should be a race of their own. Women aren't just more visually appealing than men, they exude more more beauty and emotional resilience as well.

  • Thank you for the correction, I appreciate it :)

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