I am a gay boy

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  • Great! Go get you some d***, bruh! Do it on the DL if you're a black dude tho! Just words of wisdom from experience!

  • Boy or boi?

  • Why ask that question? Is there a difference between the two, according to your personal perspective?

  • Me to

  • Great!!! Enjoy your life!

  • Do you take or receive?

  • I give and receive, depending on my mood

  • Can I suck your d***?

  • I want you. I want you bad.

  • Lol

  • What's funny? You sound sexy. And I want a piece of you. The hard piece. The one that sticks out from the front of your body. I want you to stick that inside my body.

  • I'm not the OP lol I don't have a d***!

  • Did you chop off?

  • I was born with lady parts, nothing else.

  • So you're a lady who likes boys??? Ewwwwwwwwwwww!

  • Idiot!!!!

  • Good for you :)

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