What happened?

Is Katy Perry braindead? She's a total moron all of a sudden. What happened?

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  • I don't care if she's lost it. I still love her and how nasty she is!

  • She's been banged so much by so many diseased culture rats that she can't think anymore. All her gray matter is gone.

  • Do you think a woman is a s*** if they've slept with 3 people?

  • She's old now.

  • Yep. Old and stupid.

  • She caught that from Russell Brand. Both braindead.

  • That's your opinion, fair enough. Do I agree with it, "No" :)

  • Do I care? No, I do not. Both braindead. Along with you. :)

  • You obviously care, because you wouldn't have replied back :) And you clearly can't accept other people's opinions, when they differ from your own - your offensiveness implies that.

    Bless you child and your immaturity :)

  • ^tranny^ lol

  • Tranny Sucker

  • :-D

  • OMG you are soooooo superior to everybody else! i love you!

  • Thank you!

  • She's only human and fallible to human emotions/mistakes, like the rest of mankind.

  • Have no idea but she has nice t*** and I would so f*** her hard all over a cheap hotel room

  • But would she want to f*** you? You can imagine f****** her all you want and your ego states you'd f*** her hard, but she probably wouldn't give you the chance to, if given the opportunity.

  • Same here!

  • I would hammer that ass of hers, too, wouldn't you?

  • Lol Hypothetically, yes! In reality, no chance!

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