sometimes when i come home from a date i intentionally have c** on my breath or in my hair or on my clothes or oozing out of me but my husband never notices. what a moron. and in addition to being a moron hes got a tiny little d***.

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  • My husband doesn't satisfy me either, and he really doesn't seem interested in figuring out how to do that. I wish I had the nerve to do what you do, though I'm afraid that if I started getting ANY s** on the side, I'd get addicted to it and not be able to climb off all the d****. Can you tell I fantasize about being a super-s***?

  • Stop cribbing and take the next step of living your fantasy. Get laid with young studs and enjoy as this moment wont come back. My wife also had this feeling and she told me blatantly. My ego was hurt but I accepted her side of the story and arranged a college going student to make her happy. Its five years now and both still enjoy every moment of life. sharadk179atgmaildot

  • I have done the same things many times in my marriage. Coming into the house with my husband and children sitting there, and I have some stranger's warm j*** leaking from my holes and slithering down the insides of my thighs, makes me feel like a filthy deranged w****, but I like that feeling. No, actually......I f****** LOVE that feeling. I couldn't live without that nasty feeling.

  • Go ahead and live your life. Have it if your body needs it. Don't worry about society. Do it secretly.

  • We get it, you're looking for attention and acknowledgment from your husband. But you're going about it all wrong and will end up losing him. If you are unhappy in your marriage then leave him. Prancing around with s** smells is disgusting and disrespectful. Act like a respectable person and be treated as one.

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