She was fun

Last Saturday a buddy and I were out at the bar, I don't go out too much anymore but decided to go out for a few, We ended up having more than a few and I had a girl flirting with me, She is a bit thick, I would say probably 140-150 lbs, five foot six (Ish) but she has humongous b****, I mean they are massive.
I am not really into thicker girls, I normally date slim girls but she definitely caught my attention, Pretty face, Huge b**** and a short skirt, Apparently that's all it took, By about 1:00 I decided it was time to make a move and asked if she was interested in coming back to my place, She smiled and said sure, She played shy in the cab, as soon as we got to my place and went inside my friend said he was going to go to bed and she looked at me saying "He can stay...If you want", She was blushing and smiled with her dimples and blue eyes and I was a bit surprised, I said yeah? and she shrugged her shoulders.
He looked at me and I looked at him, I shrugged and he sat on the other side of her, Me and her started making out and it wasn't long before she had one of us in each hand and from there the next three hours consisted of us finding out she is a total FREAK in bed, well, technically on the couch and floor but you know what I mean.
I wrestled her shirt off and her b**** were spilling out of her bra, She leaned forward and I unclipped it and she shuffled it off, I have never and probably will never again see a pair of b**** that huge, I have no idea what size they are but I dated a girl with D's and this girl dwarfed her in breast size, they were quite a bit more firm than I expected, They made my hands look small and had dark pink, almost brown nips about the size of a silver dollar, which again was not what I expected, I was thinking they would be huge pie plates.
We all undressed each other and her body was nice actually, She was more curvy than thick, Nice legs, Round bum, almost flat stomach and not at all shy about showing her body, Nicely trimmed triangle and a perfect p****, Soft, pink and perfect looking, Nobody was saying much but she laid o her back on the couch and I spread her legs, My friend leaned over her face and she opened her mouth.
The shy girl I brought home melted away and she turned dirty, She is quite vocal and begged us to stick it in every hole, She begged us to slap her face and t***, Smack her ass and she had me pull her nipples so hard I was scared I was going to hurt her, I lost track of how many loads she swallowed but every time she did it with a smile.
In the end she was riding me and told my buddy to F&@K her in the A$$, He barely got it in and maybe pumped her 3 or 4 times and grunted Oh S%!T, At the same time he shoved it deep in her she sat down h****** me and it was the first time I have ever experienced a girl squirting, Her eyes rolled back and with both of us deep in her she started shaking and screamed, She came so hard it was running across my stomach and hips leaving a puddle on the floor.
My friend smacked her ass and flopped back on the floor, I rolled her over and pumped her hard, I whispered in her ear and asked if I could come on her face and she nodded her head, I pulled out and she opened her mouth but I don't think one drop ended up in there until the end.
She got dressed and left but left me her number, I tried to get her to stay but she said she had to go, Definitely going to call her sometime soon.

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