My aunt

When I was around 12 i would stay at my aunt's house in the summer. One day I found her panties in the restroom my d*** began to grow as I smelled and licked em. They tasted so good i rubbed my d*** in em until I would c** it was so amazing the first time I ever came. I would put them back where i found em and was always scared I would get caught. But as the days would go by they always seemed to be ther i begin to wonder if my aunt did it on purpose and enjoyed finding her panties with my c**? To this day I wished I could f*** her she was so amazing I would do anything to make her c** in my mouth. I also always have wondered if I should just go tell her how I feel? Any ideas of how I could explain how this happened and why i feel like I do?


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  • Does she ever wear pantyhose? Get her to wear some

  • If they were in the hamper, I doubt she even looked at them before picking up a hand full of clothes and throwing them in the washer. You need to c** in a pair of clean panties in her dresser draw, and then put them back. Keep an eye out in the laundry to see if she wears them or just throws them in to be washed. Good luck, hope auntie gives up her p**** and f**** you.

  • Ok I'm gonna try

  • I did it and havnt having seen her panties yet I looked. I think she is wearing em😆

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