My wife and me at home on Saturday and we heard the next door neighbour and his new girlfriend getting frisky by the sounds of it, she was panting and screaming so me and my wife started to get frisky ourselves we had a bit of foreplay and we both couldn't wait to rip each clothes off each other s** was great and we collapsed on the bed after s** and as we lay there we could hear our neighbours still at it going strong and my wife turned to me said I wish you could keep going for as long as that ........... our neighbor is 20yrs younger and single.

Mar 7, 2017

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  • What's the point in him lasting that long. Your wife couldn't - she's too old.

  • Your wife needs a good seeing to buddy

  • Maybe it's time you take v***** or similar!

  • His d*** stamina wasn't mentioned or implied. It was endurance

  • Invite him over to pleasure your wife. If she wants him and if you love her!
    Sometimes it's not about you. Humiliation? Sounds like a personal issue of insecurity. She was being honest with you. Nothing wrong with that.. if you love her. Again... it is not always about you.

  • That's what you would do, fair enough.
    I'm not you!

    Just because I don't want my wife to sleep with other men, doesn't mean I don't love her. I love her and that's why I don't want to share her!

    If she suggested having a threesome or something similar, I would consider it. But only because she suggested it and mentioned it to me.

  • Dude, don't listen to these jerkoffs. Just because your wife wants you to go longer doesn't mean she wants to f*** the other guy. Talk to your wife and ask her what she wants. I'll give you a hint, women want more foreplay.

  • I totally agree with this person. Oral and toys and all that...she just wants more play...doesn't have to be all hard pounding intercourse. And she doesn't want the other guy. She wants you which is why she was and is with you.

  • It doesn't mean she wants more stimuli in the form of s** toys lol she appears to want her husband's endurance to be longer, whilst making love.

    Nothing was mentioned about her wanting more sexual stimuli etc.

  • Umm, wanting more sexual stimuli is the whole point. If she didn't want more, there wouldn't be a problem and this post wouldn't even exist. Think about it.

    And, it's obvious that she wants her husband to last longer, but that's not a option. Again, if it was then this post wouldn't exist.

    His only option is more foreplay. Oral and toys. And before some j****** says something stupid like "you can let her f*** someone else", that also may not be an option. Not every woman wants to f*** another guy when she's in love with her husband. So think about that before replying with something stupid.

  • 20 years younger probably means he's over and done in less than 30 seconds.

  • Nah... probably not. Nothing wrong with young men having stamina. I am old and dont. Once I did. " ) It is their turn. My confession... I wish I could keep going as long and fast as his neighbor.

  • I've never thought that she may want to try him out !!!!! Got me worried now but he's quite a bit younger than us both.

  • Invite him over to pleasure your wife while you watch. If she leaves you for him, let her go. I say if you love her let her have fun. IF SHE WANTS IT. She probably would not actually do it but just fantasizes about it. I would love to see my wife being pleasured by another man. or woman. After all I love her and love to see her happy even if not with me. Now THAT is love.

  • Just because the OP's wife made said that about 'Wishing her husband could go as long as the neighbour' doesn't necessarily mean she wants to f*** other men or or/and be willing to f*** other men :-)

    Each to their own. We don't know what transpires through the OP's wife's mind.

  • Sounds like she is going to end up giving him a try. What would you do if you heard him f****** a woman and it ended up being your wife?

  • It doesn't seem like anything, stop jumping to inaccurate conclusions! You don't know his wife! Don't be childish and narrow minded

  • I am not the original poster but I am a married man and I would love it if i caught my wife and they didn't mind me watching. But I would feel better if she and I agreed about it first and she didn't go behind my back. I would totally let her f*** other men or women. I had a wife once who cheated on me. I loved it but she hated the indiscretion. It used to turn me on to know my sweet little s*** had been with him and then came home to me. I would f*** her sweet wet used p**** with extra passion. I loved knowing she was so sexual. I have been with women who had no passion. Very loyal but no passion. I did not enjoy those relationships. I prefer passion. Well...she eventually left me for him and then ask be back for another year, then divorced me then asked me back. I did not go back for the third go. She didn't know what she wanted. I wish she would have just loved me and f***** him with my blessing. Leaving me is what hurt. But I am happily married now with a wonderful women who is better for me. How else would you know if you never let a woman play her cards. I don't regret any of it. All is how it should be. This is life! Passionate and messy and painful and fun and wonderful.

  • Each to their own.

  • My wife and I, not wife and me

  • You're just pissy cause I f***** your mom. B**** sucked my d*** like there was no tomorrow. I'm going back tonight, so make sure you're gone when I get there ;)

  • F*** his mom as often as she likes... but dont be a d*** about it. ... unless you need to be a d*** to feel important. pffft

  • My mother has acquired tastes and she's respectful of her body, she won't allow anyone and everyone to f*** her, you fool! My mother has standards and respect for her body and self!

    I suggest you f*** your own mother, as it appears you have no respect for women in general and maybe your mother is the catalyst for those reasons. Did your mother not love you as a child?

  • You don't know your mother very well do you? B**** was hanging off my d*** last night for 5 hours, I can hardly walk today after she rode me all night.. and yeah, I didn't know my own mother, so f*** that b**** too. Or you can, I don't care.

  • Thats cold because; WHAT if that persons mother is dead!

  • Hey, some people are into cold fish too.

  • Each to their own (:

  • I like my fish; cooked, warm and grilled - with onions and peppers on it.

  • Cold fish is probably not the same as,
    a dead fish

  • Dead fish is probably not the same as dead rotten fish.

  • There's no probability about it. It's a possibility

  • Not according to Tig on Sons of Anarchy.

  • I don't give a rats ass about some actor from a s***** show! My point was clear, so f*** off dickwad!

  • Haha, do you need your diaper changed?

  • Oh what's the matter cupcake? Do you need to run off to your safe space? L M F A O!!!!

  • Sounds like someone got their feelings hurt

  • Not sounds, but seems

  • W*****

  • She needs to be f***** longer and better, give her permission to get more c***. My husband was the same and allowed me to f*** around, once a month I go out and get f***** sencless

  • I love it... i would let my wife do that (not original poster)

  • Good for you, not everyone has the same perspective.

  • Getting f***** longer, doesn't equate to being f***** better. Being caressed in a patient, loving and sensual way; may make his wife achieve the pleasure's she desires.

  • Maybe maybe not. Maybe she needs strange c***. Maybe she needs strange c*** from a guy who patiently caresses her in a loving and sensual way and then knows her husband gets off on her coming home and telling him about it then wanting him to f*** her too. Wanting him to still love her warmly and kindly after her indiscretion. Wants to know he still wants her and lovers her. What about girls like that? eay?

  • You're an idiot. There's many possibilities, I wasn't implying and considering there isn't!

  • Bullshit

  • To each their own.

  • I agree

  • Probably for you, because you know nothing.

  • What makes you the expert on what I, or other women want. F****** a*** hole

  • Now Now children, don't make me turn this car around. When will you learn that different people like different things? When will you grow up and learn it is ok for other people to like something different than you? That doesn't mean anything is wrong with you and your ideas, nor does it man anything is wrong with their ideas. Just that their ideas are wrong for you. Different people like different things. It would be boring world if we were all the same. Long live the differences.

  • I agree. I'm open minded and carefree.
    I believe in respecting other peoples differences, even differences in opinions.

    No need to preach to someone like me, I exude diversity, equality and embracing differences and similarities :)

    The person who commented about "you aren't an expert" appears to not respect other peoples opinions, because they're different from their own - needs to heed your message.

    Peace and positive blessings to you :-)

  • You confirmed my point and your original comment succinctly. You chat bullshit!

    Now, as you so nicely put it; go f*** an arsehole!

  • What do women want? Isn't that like asking what humans want? I mean some women are s**** and just want to f***. Other women want love and wouldn't s**** around. I think it all comes down to what kinda person you're married to. You're either married to someone cool, or someone who's a dog.

  • ...or someone who is a cool dawg. " )

  • Some women like horse c***

  • Some like to suck c***

  • Maybe

  • I totally agree and loved your response!

  • Me too

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