Man, it's all been forgiven

Yet I still have not forgotten you.

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  • Yeh sure come on over this Sunday night for some drinks then and see just how we intend to forgive then!

  • People aren't stupid, you are being watched, who is really being set up dumb ass

  • Your IP addr are better nf recorded idiots they know

  • Transpants k get lost! drop dead. tattoo your face so we snw when you are near see a dogman looked as ugly as ya in old bomby car at the bottle alcohol shop f****** and a chinese take away must have caught you and squeezed the sausage off you with your squint eyes. dead give away of a loser anyway.

  • Get a conscience and some morals!

  • B***** off with gay lacey womens lingerie k and go get more tattoos, but stop bothering us. you are not forgiven. no one is forgiven.

  • I live forever in these confessions, if I am here or not it doesn't matter.

  • Get a JOB

  • Please stop stalking us k please move on. please stop copying other men I like its not winning for you I tell my doctor and he things that you are weak playing this card.

  • What a bunch of illiterate douchebags

  • Shut up with this story, you are not forgiven , tell you what. come near me and forgiveness will be on the of my fist in your face and the sound of police cuffs taking you away.

  • Cuffs work both ways

  • Trust no one, sounds like a set up

  • Maybe people are only letting you think you are forgiven. underneath most people never really forgive. they say they do to get you unaware from behind.

  • The door matt has only 1 option here, cat on mat or no deal at all. you only have one option here, no deal at all with anyone k.

  • I love your backside!

  • We are the good guys your the bad guys. get over it dude. your unforgivable. we did nothing wrong. you did all wrong. in time you will see it and come to this realisation and break your nlp games that don't bug us, we laugh at the pathetic attempts and we woud only lewer you in to have you entrapped to comit a crime and have police take you away. that is what my mother said "let him think he will get what he wants then get some strong police detectives and men to cart him off, so you wasting your time we would all attack you. everyone will come out of the cupboard when they invite you over and attatack you just like they will with mat if he bothers ro, asian men will attack you both and you will be suffering badly. asian men are masters at nlp and martial arts

  • Please stop fantasizing what you want to happen that won't happen knowy. you are never forgiven. your bad. your evil. you said you did a lot of violent things to people. no one can forgive you. i am nothing like you. give it like the song says kc and the shitshine band, "give it up, bambi give it up" or get a thumper husband basher bud. please go away and stop bothering us. my shrink is on to you and he doesn't like you. police are on to you, my mother is on to you. she said she will sit on your face and kill you.

  • Lol you that mma tranny

  • ^wood sucker^

  • Do you mention how sexually fluid you are before you get in a cat fight?

  • Woody sausage sucker

  • I only wear the colour to prove you cant control me or bother me

  • A tree won't protect you

  • Is your name yella your yellow as they say coward fool. not forgiven ever move on

  • Mug, its all been a delusion, go back to your nuthouse.

  • Haha, you think you're forgiven? what for? being born? doing the dirty that you do? naah, but you are long forgotten in some many ways that matter to count as love or worthy. no its a choice of I trust that you've given up because my doctor and brain want you to give up. there was no you in the first place.

  • Would you want to forget?

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